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Warzone Streamer ‘HusKerrs’ Breaks Solo Duos World Record

If you haven’t heard of NRG HusKerrs, you soon will do. This Warzone streamer just broke the Solo Duos world record in Activision’s battle royale.

Since Warzone launched in March 2020, players have been trying to one-up each other in a race to the top. Now, we have yet another ground-breaking win on the records.

Solo vs Duos is a category reserved for players who like a challenge. Not only are the users going for the most kills possible, but they’re also doing it alone against teams of 2.

Warzone Solo Duo World Record
(Source: HusKerrs)

The previous champion Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma held three consecutive world records in Solo vs Duos. But now, even his top score of 50 Warzone kills has been beaten.

NRG HusKerrs is the New Warzone Solo Duo World Record Holder

With an incredible 54 kills in the Solo Duo category, HusKerrs is the new world record holder for Warzone Solo Duos. This insane run took place on December 30, as a great way to end off 2020.

Making excellent use of the new most overpowered Warzone guns, Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas was able to dominate the competition. Just watching his run back though, it’s clear that Cold War’s broken weaponry isn’t what carried HusKerrs to victory.

Dropping hot into Superstore, both HusKerrs aim and his awareness are on another level. He quickly cleans up the area, with 5 kills before grabbing a loadout drop outside.

Baiting enemies into rushing his position, the streamer then immediately destroys them with a few DMR 14 shots. From here, the professional Warzone player races around the map in a vehicle, eliminating enemies that he is able to track down.

Warzone Has a New Champion

Although HusKerrs initially predicts that his slow start was on track for around 40 kills, the user is able to accomplish much more than anticipated. The user does make one crucial mistake though, by picking up the Specialist upgrade.

With this in-hand, all of Cold War’s weapon reloads become broken in Warzone. But that’s still not enough to stop HusKerrs from crushing the Solo Duos world record by 4 kills.

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The streamer didn’t even know the current record when the game ended, asking his chat whether he’d just set a new world best.

Of course, there were plenty of death comms complaining about how good the DMR is in Warzone. And it’s fair to say, the weapon needs a serious nerf.

The same can be said for the Mac-10, which HusKerrs also makes excellent use of. But since the server is all on an even playing field with available weaponry, we’d say this is a completely fair world record.

Check out the best DMR 14 loadout in Warzone right here!

We’ve also got the best Mac-10 loadout in Warzone for that perfect secondary weapon.

With these two weapons being incredibly prevalent in the battle royale right now, it’s no wonder that Warzone is boring players. But there may be a counter for these overpowered Warzone guns yet!

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