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Warzone Streamer Gets the Ultimate Revenge on Camping Player

We’ve all know what it’s like to want to get revenge on a camper. Now, one Warzone streamer manages to take the ultimate revenge on a frustrating camping player.

Amateur streamer chillnxx usually lives up to his ‘chill’ name, but there’s one thing that clearly gets him riled up. In a new clip posted to Reddit, the Warzone player gets the ultimate revenge on a camper.

There are few things more frustrating than getting to the final few rings of Warzone, only to be eliminated by a camper with a flaming shotgun. With just 22 enemies left, the odds were looking good for the streamer.

However, there’s simply no beating a Dragon’s Breath round shotgun in close-quarter situations. Camping on top of a staircase, the enemy lights chillnxx up the moment he comes upstairs.

Warzone Campers
(Source: Activision)

It’s an easy kill for the camping player, but they forgot that the fires of revenge burn even hotter than their shotgun’s incendiary rounds. Heading to the Gulag, the streamer begins plotting his revenge.

Warzone Streamer Gets the Ultimate Revenge on Camper

After an interesting interaction in the Gulag, wherein chillnxx takes down a player attempting a 360 kill shot, it’s back to Verdansk. Knowing exactly where to drop, the streamer heads to the camper’s position.

There’s no way to reach their enemy from downstairs, especially with nothing more than a pistol. So the Warzone player tries things from a different angle.

Warzone Parachuting
(Source: Activision)

Landing just outside the upstairs window, the player sneaks into the attic from outside. Dropping in behind the enemy, who hasn’t moved an inch since chillnxx died, the Warzone streamer takes sweet revenge on the camper.

Rapidly meleeing the opponent from behind, the streamer quickly dispatches the enemy. The camper is none too happy about being killed, but it’s on them for not checking their surroundings.

After all, when the Gulag is still open, you should always be wary of a defeated player coming back for revenge. And the camper’s back was wide open this time around.

The streamer gets his guns back and carries on the match with just 18 enemies remaining. The gamer then proceeded to win that same game, with 10 kills to his name.

Hopefully, this video serves as a wake-up call to campers everywhere that they need to watch their backs. Be warned, those of a faint heart, the following clip contains some explicit language:

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