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Warzone Streamer May Face Consequences After Rant Against Activision

Recently, Twitch user Bobby Poff went on a huge rant about the game’s lack of anti-cheat software. Now the Warzone streamer may face consequences from Activision.

If you’re wondering why more isn’t being done to push Activision into adding a decent anti-cheat to Warzone, look no further.

Warzone is a game that is notoriously easy to cheat in. With an abundance of hackers using aimbots, wallhacks, and more, finding a lobby without a cheater is the hardest part of the game sometimes.

warzone cheaters
(Source: Activision)

And now, a new cheating software is even letting Warzone players unlock everything instantly. So if a user does get banned, they can simply make a new account and have every weapon, attachment, and more in a matter of minutes.

Bobby Poff’s Rant Against Warzone’s Lack of Anti-Cheat

The other day, Warzone streamer Bobby Poff went on a wild rant against Activision’s lack of anti-cheat software.

This passionate meltdown targets Activision for being too greedy to implement a proper anti-cheat technology. The rant was full of expletives and anger, and it appears to have resonated with the community.

Be sure to check out the full Bobby Poff Warzone rant in all its glory here.

However, despite the clip going viral on Twitter, it appears that the streamer may face consequences for his actions. In a recent stream, Bobby Poff confirms that he has a phone call with Activision scheduled, due to the rant’s impact.

warzone anti-cheat
(Source: Activision)

We’re betting this isn’t going to be a positive interaction with the Warzone publisher. Certainly, the streamer doesn’t seem too thrilled about it.

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Talking about the upcoming call, live on stream, Bobby Poff confirmed that he’d be speaking to Activision the following day. Despite not being sponsored by Activision, and not being a COD Partner, it seems that the user may still face consequences.

According to Bobby Poff, Activision cares about the recent incident simply because it’s bad PR. Having a viral clip like this one certainly isn’t good for the company’s brand.

But, to be fair, Warzone having an influx of hackers isn’t good for its brand either.

Right now, Warzone players believe that hackers are getting worse in the popular battle royale. Some users even report that they encounter a hacker, every other match they play.

Of course, what seems bad for casual players is far worse for those looking to make a living streaming Warzone. And it’s even more insulting that some Cold War players are now bragging about hacking, live on stream.

It doesn’t help matters that some Warzone cheaters are so bad that they can’t even win with an aimbot. These issues need addressing quickly if Warzone is to keep its place at the top of the battle royale rankings.

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