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Warzone Streamer Discovers Genius Way to Catch Helicopter Mid-Air

There are some moments that help you remember just how good Call of Duty’s battle royale can be. This Warzone streamer catching a helicopter mid-air is definitely one of them.

Warzone is going through its fair share of problems right now. With overpowered guns, severe performance issues, and more, it’s no surprise that players are calling Warzone broken and boring.

But occasionally you come across a moment like this that makes the frustrating battle royale all worth it. Warzone is, after all, an extremely fun game to play.

warzone helicopter catch
(Source: Activision)

With a giant environment to explore, no two games of Warzone are the same. And this is what allows the battle royale to become your own private action movie set.

Now, one talented Warzone streamer even managed to catch a falling helicopter in mid-air, in an amazing new clip.

Incredible Helicopter Stunt in Warzone

FaZe Clan recently welcomed a new member into the fold, a 20-year-old Washington-based gamer named NioRooch. In recent years, the gamer has become one of the biggest CoD content creators on the scene, known for his sniping skills.

Now, the recent addition is already showing off his sniping prowess in Warzone, only days after making the cut. In a new clip from January 1, FaZe Nio may have become one of Warzone’s only players to pull off such an incredible helicopter stunt.

FaZe Nio Catches Warzone Helicopter Mid-Air
(Source: FaZe Clan)

Upon seeing an enemy chopper honing in on his position, NioRooch doesn’t panic. Instead, the professional gamer takes down the pilot with a few well-placed sniper shots.

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Unfortunately, this leaves the chopper without a pilot, heading towards the FaZe Clan member. Avoiding death at the last moment, Nio leaps into the cockpit himself, swiftly taking control and steering the helicopter away from the ground.

Catching a Warzone Helicopter Mid-Air

This incredible helicopter stunt is reminiscent of some of the things that are possible in the Battlefield franchise. We’d love to see more of this type of gameplay, and hopefully, the FaZe Clan’s newest recruit will deliver.

Some fellow FaZe members rubbed their eyes with disbelief after seeing the new clip. Nio’s post, which went viral on Twitter, attracted comments from FaZe’s NICKMERCS, Swagg, and more, as well as catching the attention of OpTic Scump.

If you want to pull off a sniper shot like this for yourself, we recommend using the FaZe Clan’s best sniper loadout in Warzone Season 1. We can’t promise that you’ll get the skills of Nio right away, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Recently, players have been calling on Activision to nerf the DMR 14, which is incredibly overpowered in Warzone right now. However, the broken weapon is just one of the things wrong with Warzone in its latest build.

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