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Warzone Streamer Breaks Solo Vs Duos Kill Record

A Warzone streamer has made history by breaking the battle royale’s kill record in Duos.

In a recent stream, Warzone player MuTeX showed off his skills with an incredible display in-game. Entering the Duos arena without a teammate sounds tricky, but it does allow you to rack up the kills.

While streaming live to his viewers for the 176th day in a row, MuTeX finally made history. What’s even more remarkable about this insane Warzone run, was that the streamer got it on his very first game of the day.

MuTeX kill record
(Source: MuTeX)

With the kind of focus that only comes from 176 consecutive days of streaming, MuTeX tore the lobby apart. Finally beating the Solo Vs Duos kill record, the streamer eliminated 46 players on his way to victory.

This new record beat out bizzlzkrage, who held the previous record of 45 kills. Now the streamer has put a target on his own head, as the best Solo Duos player in history.

According to MuTeX’s streamer overlay, this win marked his 570th victory overall. It also seems like the user has plenty of experience taking down players, with 56,231 kills in total.

Breaking Warzone’s Solo vs Duos Kill Record

The Call of Duty: Warzone player had an amazing run to break the Solo Duos kill record. Starting in Superstore, MuTeX nearly shoots a user out of the sky, before finishing two players inside the front entrance.

(Source: Activision)

Next, the player loots the entire area by himself, before taking down a couple of other incoming squads. This combination of looting and shooting leads to over $14,000 in cash and gives MuTeX his much-needed loadout drop.

From here, the streamer uses the Kilo 141 and the Dragon’s Breath rounds R9-0 shotgun. This perfectly meta build destroys the competition, but it’s clear that MuTeX knows every inch of the Warzone map and how to utilize it too.

For much of the match, the streamer actually appears to give up on his record-attempt. Driving around Verdansk in an effort just to spot other users, MuTeX appeared discouraged by the lack of players.

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That didn’t stop him from managing to up the aggressive play even further, eventually reaching 46 kills in total. What’s particularly impressive is that the user manages to do this in a game where Bounties don’t exist.

Previous record-holders have likely made heavy use of Warzone’s removed Bounty contracts, which reveal player positions. Instead, MuTeX finds more than his fair share of UAVs to get the job done.

In the perfectly-timed stream, MuTeX actually passes the 10,000 subscriber count while breaking the world record. The final moments of his incredible win can be seen above.

This just goes to show that Warzone can still be a fun time for players and viewers alike. Lately, players have been disheartened by issues such as the infinite Stim exploit, and the rising hacker counts.

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