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Warzone Players Want Stims Removed from the Game

Warzone has its fair share of issues, but Stims are causing more trouble than they’re worth – hence players wanting the tactical removed from the game.

If there’s one issue that really grinds a Warzone player’s gears, it’s likely the battle royale’s abundance of cheaters.

While aimbots, wallhacks, and more are becoming common in Warzone, one cheat is pure rage-fuel to come up against. And because of this, players are calling on Raven Software to remove the Stim tactical equipment from the game.

(Source: Activision)

After all, Warzone can barely go a week without the infinite Stim glitch breaking the game. And now, a new Warzone Night Vision Goggles infinite Stim exploit is causing chaos once more.

Remove Stims From Warzone for Good

The Stim is a useful tactical item that causes fast health regeneration. However, it seems that Warzone players would prefer that the Stim was removed from the battle royale for good.

In a new petition on Reddit, players voice their support for removing the item from the game completely. With Stims being so associated with the infinite Stim exploit, it’s no wonder that some users want to see them gone.

Especially now that a legit way to use infinite Stims has been found in Warzone, the issue is increasingly common.

But it’s worth noting that Stims aren’t the only issue with Warzone. When a new ‘infinite Stim’ exploit appears, it’s really an infinite tactical equipment glitch.

warzone gas ghost
(Source: Activision)

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Although the most common application of the issue is to hide in the gas and endlessly recharge your health, players can also launch an infinite barrage of stun or flash grenades at enemies.

Raven Software needs to work hard to permanently remove the glitch from the game. And then maybe Warzone players won’t mind about the Stims so much…

Recently, Activision confirmed improvements to Warzone’s anti-cheat, finally listening to the community. We’d like to hope that this is the beginning of the end for battle royale hackers.

However, one Warzone hacker is proving how easy it is to cheat without getting a ban. If Activision wants Warzone’s player base to remain active, it needs to work fast.

Thankfully, at least one major streaming network is taking action against Warzone cheaters.

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