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Warzone Stim Glitch Finally Fixed Forever in Season 2 Update?

A new fix for curbing the swell of stim glitch cheaters by Call of Duty has been found in the Warzone Season Two patch notes.

Stim glitches have been a problem in Warzone for an incredibly long time. Players have always found new ways to exploit the bug. It's an unfortunately effective tactic to carry a player to an easy win.

The glitch sees the player exploiting a bug in the use of the stim tactical item. Repeatedly able to spam the stim to heal, they can last in the ring for an obscene amount of time.

Warzone season two stim glitch fixed forever
Warzone Season Two

Many cheaters use this glitch to give them a tactical advantage, allowing them to move under the smog of the circle. Others have a habit of just sitting there until everyone else has been taken out by the circle.

Activision has made attempts to curb the use of the cheat, but with every stim glitch fix, it would return with a vengeance. Hope seemed lost, and it was thought that players would have to put up with the glitch forever.

But, as found in the latest patch notes, there could be a new solution. And it could see an end to the glitch entirely.

Activision's New Fix for Warzone Stim Glitchers

One Reddit user in the CoD Warzone subreddit has pointed out a new addition to the game. Raven Software has posted the patch notes for Warzone's season two update on their website.

Under the gameplay section, the new stim glitch fix is mentioned.

The section details "players that are continually in the gas will suffer more damage over time". Finally, Raven has put the fan suggested change into action.

The stim glitch is still active. However if a cheater's health depletes faster than the glitch can heal them, the whole tactic is made redundant.

Warzone season two stim glitch fixed forever

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Some commenters are upset such a simple change hasn't come in sooner. It's also thought that this is a cop-out to avoid working on the glitch directly.

But quite frankly, we're delighted that this stim glitch fix has come into effect. It's about time that players start to worry about the closing ring again rather than using it for a tactical advantage.

Fingers crossed the glitchers don't find another workaround for this counter. The game's much better off with as few glitches as possible, and we're glad Raven has made this move.

It's a great addition to the game, much like the new reactive weapon blueprints, added to Warzone and Cold War.

We're excited to discover what else waits for us in the season two update. If you need the lowdown on the new update, here's everything we know about Warzone's new update; and here's our complete guide to Cold War Season Two.

Plus, if you need the lowdown on the new playstyles in the update, here's our guide to the new Warzone season two game modes.

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