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Warzone Stim Glitch Cheaters Are Dying in Embarrassing Ways

In a new trend, Warzone players are killing Stim glitch cheaters for some truly embarrassing defeats.

It must take a serious lack of shame to be a Warzone cheater, but there’s no way these players don’t feel ashamed after these deaths.

The battle royale’s Stim glitch exploit was recently discovered in Warzone yet again. And instead of driving fans away from the game, many took it as a sort of challenge.

We know how the infinite Stim glitch works in Warzone, and players are beginning to understand how to counter it. Thankfully, the infinite Stim glitch is once again fixed in Warzone, as of a few hours ago.

Warzone Infinite Stim Exploit
(Source: Activision)

But here are some of the most embarrassing cheater deaths that we saw while the glitch was active.

Warzone Player Counters Stim Glitcher With RC-XD

In the following clip, one Warzone player finds the ultimate counter for the infinite Stim glitch exploit – an RC-XD.

The Warzone killstreak is a new addition to the battle royale and allows the user to drive a remote control car that can be detonated at will.

As the user realizes that their final opponent is outside of Warzone’s last circle, they have one last-ditch idea to rely on. Thankfully, the squad points out that the Stim glitcher is in a nearby building, making him the perfect target.

Since the RC-XD doesn’t take damage from gas, it’s the perfect vehicle to zip towards the enemy. Meanwhile, its user remains in the safety of the ring.

And watching the Stim glitcher mindlessly heal themself, thinking they’d won, as they get blown to pieces is just too satisfying.

Stim Glitchers Sniped At Insane Range

Perhaps even more impressive than the above are these clips of Warzone Stim glitch cheaters being sniped at insane ranges. When you’re cheating for a battle royale win, the last thing you should be doing is showing your face.

However, some exploit users just can’t help themselves. But while they’re taunting the innocent players, they put quite a target on their own heads.

The Warzone cheaters believe themselves to be too far away to lose the game now. But while they’re busy celebrating their wins, players are taking aim.

Reddit user bySadclaw hits what is sure to be one of the greatest snipes in Warzone, embarrassing this cheater to no end.

As one commenter points out: “Cheating basically makes it so you can only have hollow victories but your defeats are exceptional.”

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However, even the above snipe pales in comparison to this next one. From a distance of 410m, Reddit user 14jander wipes out a Stim glitcher’s hopes and dreams.

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen Warzone players risking death to kill Stim glitch exploiters. But hopefully, it’s the final time we’ll have to see it.

Right now, Warzone players are calling for Stims to be removed from the game altogether. Since the game-breaking exploit has appeared so many times, players don’t trust the developers to keep it away for good.

Want to see what happens when a Warzone hacker goes up against a Stim glitcher? This may well be the battle royale’s ultimate, most toxic, showdown.

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