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Hidden Warzone Statue Outside Stadium Revealed

The hidden Warzone statue outside of Stadium has now been unveiled, but what was under the cover?

Warzone’s Verdansk has a huge 1980s makeover at the beginning of Season 3. However, a small and mysterious change to the map arrived recently.

Players might not have noticed as they were still too busy exploring all of the new POIs in Verdansk ’84, but the new statue outside Stadium has now been unveiled. But what is it for?

What Is The Statue Outside Stadium in Verdansk ’84?

In the May 7 Warzone update for Warzone, a new statue was added to Verdansk, just outside of the stadium. This prompted many fan theories as to what it could be.

Players noticed that the plaque at the bottom of the statue said “champion” which prompted many Call of Duty fans to think that Rocky Balboa was coming to Warzone.

This would have made sense as Activision has hinted at a couple of other ’80s action heroes coming to Warzone too:

However, Raven Software has proved all of these theories to be false, after it uncovered the Stadium statue in Warzone.

Warzone Statue

Dallas Empire CDL Statue

The statue, in fact, is to commemorate the Call of Duty Esports team Dallas Empire winning the 2020 CDL. With the cover off of the statue, it revealed a large replica of the CDL championship trophy with a plaque below.

Meanwhile, there are also a number of banners on the side of Stadium showing the faces of all of the Dallas Empire players.

Luckily the annoying wall glitch at Stadium has been fixed so players can drop in and see it.

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Do you like the new statue at Stadium in Warzone? Let’s hope that Raven Software, and the new Warzone developer, adds more changes like this in the future to keep Verdansk ’84 fresh.

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Finally, Warzone developer Raven will be fixing the biggest problem with Verdansk ’84 soon.

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