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Warzone Stat Tracker Reveals Whether You’re Improving or Getting Worse

Want to see how your Warzone skills are improving over time? This new statistic tracker will help point out how you’re doing.

It’s hard to track your progress in a game like Warzone. Due to the chaotic nature of a battle royale title, players could be dying quickly one game, and having a perfect run in the next.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to track just how well you’re doing. This new statistic tracker will help Warzone players know whether they’re improving or getting worse at the game.

Warzone Battle Royale
(Source: Activision)

This is particularly helpful as an in-depth stat tracker has always been missing from Warzone.

How to Track Warzone Statistics

Looking to see how you’ve been doing at your favorite battle royale? Look no further than this new Warzone statistic tracker.

There have been a few sites offering similar features in the past of course. However, new tracker WZRanked will show not only your average statistics but also your Gulag win ratio.

Right now, Warzone players want the original Gulag to make a comeback after changes left the 1v1 feeling unbalanced. Because of this, you may well be experiencing a drop in your Gulag win rates.

warzone statistics track
(Source: WZRanked)

It’s also possible that you’ll be noticing yourself getting worse over time lately, due to the incredible number of hackers in Warzone lately.

Interestingly, the Match History function on the site will also tell you how many streamers were present in your game. Using this feature, you can see the streamer’s point of view, and watch their reactions when you take them down.

How to See Your Warzone Statistics Over Time

To check out the tracker for yourself, you’ll need to make sure you’ve changed your Warzone statistics to public again. This new decision comes after Activision made all stats private by default.

Of course, this led many users to suspect that the company was intentionally protecting hackers. But speaking out against Activision appears to have consequences for Warzone streamers.

Warzone ghillie suit
(Source: Activision)

After you’ve completed this process, head to, and enter your, PlayStation, or Xbox username.

Enjoy checking out whether you’ve been improving in Warzone, or dropping in the rankings!

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