The RICOCHET anti-cheat system in Warzone has a number of ways of messing with hackers, and Splat is certainly one of the funniest!

Despite concerted efforts from Activision to remove cheaters from Warzone, they just won’t go away. Whether it is aimbots, wallhacks and invincibility glitches, Warzone has seen it all.

Fortunately, Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system has many methods to ruin hackers’ games without kicking them out, including Splat. This is a system that can disable the parachute of cheaters and cause them to die from fall damage, even from tiny drops.

A new Warzone clip has demonstrated the deadly effects of Splat and also exposed a streamer for using hacks!

Warzone Players Skydiving

Splat Anti-Cheat Exposes Warzone Streamer

Warzone content creator destowed shared a clip of the Splat anti-cheat feature killing him with fall damage in Warzone, with the caption “why they victimising me”.

Firstly, he couldn’t open his parachute when jumping out of the plane at the start of the match. Then, a small drop off of a roof dealt enough fall damage to down him again.

While it is not known what hack or cheat the streamer was using, the Warzone community is celebrating that RICOCHET anti-cheat is working effectively in the replies. After all, one of the biggest complaints about Warzone is the amount of hackers in the game.

Even if there has been no evidence of destowed cheating, Activision has confirmed that Splat only activates on what they believe to be confirmed cheaters. Therefore, he must have been using some kind of game-altering software that RICOCHET anti-cheat does not allow.

Hopefully, RICOCHET anti-cheat continues to punish and ban hackers effectively. This will not only make the game fairer but also more competitive!

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