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Warzone’s Best Sniper Shot Saves Teammate From Death

An incredible Warzone clip posted to Reddit sees an insanely lucky sniper shot that saves a teammate from certain death.

Some players think that the snipers in Warzone might be too overpowered. And while there may be some truth to this, some players are incredibly skilled regardless.

Some of the best Call of Duty clips ever have spawned from using a sniper, whether it be an incredibly clutch final kill or an immaculate trickshot, they've been a part of the series' online culture for years.

Call of duty warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

The same is true of Warzone, Call of Duty's Battle Royale game. Snipers are a big part of the game, and as the Verdansk map is so huge, they're an important addition to any loadout.

Although, Warzone's snipers have had a little trouble recently, and their scopes are producing a glitch that renders them useless. Here's how to fix Warzone's broken weapon scopes.

A new clip has arisen that proves just how crucial the sniper rifle is to Call of Duty gameplay. And it boasts one of the best sniper kills we've seen in a long time.

Warzone's Lucky Sniper Save

The clip comes from user Optikronix on the CoD Warzone subreddit, who has put together an edit of the incredible shot.

In a house on Rebirth Island, two players in a three-player squad are searching upstairs for loot.

One of the players dashes downstairs and around the stairs, and is met with a hail of gunfire from an enemy just outside. Their ally comes to support them but isn't able to push the foe back. Both players are downed within an inch of their lives. It seems to be all over.

call of duty warzone rebirth island
Call of Duty Warzone's Rebirth Island

Meanwhile, on a ridge elsewhere, the third member of the squad is organizing their loot. They hear the battle from a distance, along with their teammate's dismay.

In one swift movement, they turn to face the building the battle took place in. They see their teammate on the floor in one window, the enemy in another.

Before they have much time to think, they shift their sniper's sight over to the enemy player, and one-shot them with a swift headshot.

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Users in the post's comments are amazed by the incredible save. One user commented, "I think this is legit the best edit I’ve ever seen in any WZ/MW sub, since ever. Well done, OP!".

This Warzone sniper save shows incredible reaction-times and is one of the luckiest saves we've ever seen in the game.

Similar clips have been pouring in recently; like an insane helicopter snipe that earns the player the Damascus camo, and an insane kill-feed at Warzone's unbalanced bunker.

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