Warzone Slay Ride Resurgence has come to the game, and this mode features a list of secret rewards you can unlock.

Each item you can earn will be obtained by completing a hidden challenge, and the community has already found most.

So, let’s dive into all the secret rewards available in Slay Ride Resurgence and how to unlock them.

All Rewards & How to Unlock

Here are all of the rewards and the way you can unlock them in Slay Ride Resurgence:

RewardHow to Unlock
Naughty (Large Decal)Kill Santa on the train
Deck Ya (Calling Card)Play 10 games of Slay Ride Resurgence
Snow Day (Weapon Charm)Get a kill with a snowball
Humbug Killer (Emblem)Get a Christmas tree to Level 3
Take the Black Site key
Open the Black Site
Kill Santa in the Black Site
The Hunt (Calling Card)Kill Santa on the train and in the Black Site in the same game
SGT. Pain Deer (Calling Card)Kill a reindeer
Dream Ripper (Wallpaper)Finish in the Top 5
Greetings (Calling Card)Win a game on the train*
Glare (Calling Card)TBA*
*This challenge is not confirmed. We will update this article once more information is known.

These challenges were reported by content creator Mr Fishy McFish. Additionally, we have left guides below for some of the more complex challenges to complete!

Kill Santa on Train

  • Reward: Naughty (Large Decal)
Slay Ride Resurgence Secret Rewards Naughty Decal
Credit: Mr Fishy McFish

You must kill the Santa that spawns on the train around the map to earn this decal. The train can be found by opening your map and looking for the moving train icon.

Make your way onto the train and take out Santa to earn the Naughty decal. Be careful, though, as tons of other squads may be attempting to do the same as you.

Train location

Get a Kill With a Snowball

  • Reward: Snow Day (Weapon Charm)
Slay Ride Resurgence Secret Rewards Snow Day Weapon Charm
Credit: Mr Fishy McFish

The new Snowball Lethal in Slay Ride Resurgence can kill downed enemies in just one hit. You must kill a player with this new Lethal to earn this Weapon Charm.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is by downing a player with your weapon and then entirely killing them with a snowball.

Snowballs can be found by heading to the snowflake symbol on the map or finding them as part of loot in crates.

Black Site

  • Reward: Humbug Killer (Emblem)
Slay Ride Resurgence Secret Rewards Humbug Killer
Credit: Mr Fishy McFish

You will have to kill the Santa in the Black Site to earn the Humbug Killer emblem. However, for this challenge, you must do the following for it to count:

  • You are the one who collects the key from the Christmas Tree
    • You can find the key by getting the Christmas Tree to Level 3. To do this, secure the area by standing near it, and the key will drop as part of the rewards.
  • You open the Black Site door
  • You kill Santa
Deck the halls location

Kill a Reindeer

  • Reward: SGT. Pain Deer (Calling Card)
Slay Ride Resurgence Secret Rewards SGT Pain Deer Calling Card
Credit: Mr Fishy McFish

Around 5 minutes into a match, the Deer Hunt in-game event will begin. Reindeer will spawn all across the map, with their locations shown by a reindeer icon and a green circle showing the approximate location.

Take out one of these reindeer and earn the Calling Card.

Reindeer Hunt

Win a Game on the Train

  • Rewards: Greetings (Calling Card)
Slay Ride Resurgence Secret Rewards Greetings
Credit: Mr Fishy McFish

From our experience, the game will always end with the train in the final circle. You must be the last squad standing while on the train to complete this challenge.

However, it is worth noting that this challenge is not confirmed as the method for earning this calling card and is just what players have reported for obtaining it.

That is how to complete all the secret challenges and earn the rewards in Slay Ride Resurgence. Once we have more information on how to complete the challenge for the Glare Calling Card, we will update this article.

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