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Warzone Player Performs Incredible Skydiving Melee Kill

A player has revealed in a video that they have performed what may be the first-ever Warzone skydiving melee kill.

The brilliant clip has come from a Reddit user, that sees a gunfight unfolding as they and another user are launching from starting plane.

In the skies over the Arklov Peak Military base, before the plane is even empty, the two players are duking it out in order to see that their opponent doesn't make it to the ground alive.

Using a technique frequented by Warzone players of detaching and redeploying their parachutes, they are able to attack each other whilst still falling. This is to give themselves time to draw their starter pistol and fire at each other.

Warzone skydive melee kill
Warzone Skydivers

The player, Reddit user clembobo79, is able to secure the first few shots, breaking their enemy's body armour. Before their opponent is able to retaliate, they make a swan-dive straight for them.

They land a perfect melee hit, and their foe is killed before they even hit the ground. The player doesn't even take any return fire.

This may be the first-ever Warzone skydiving melee kill, and it's impressing a lot of players.

The Skydive Melee Kill Reaction

It's a controversial tactic to attack other players before they've even landed. Many players feel it's unfair to not explore their surroundings once they've arrived at their destination. But, as this clip shows, it's an effective strategy to rack up kills.

The video, posted in the r/CODWarzone subreddit has many people in awe. Commenters are floored by the technique, with one saying;

"I can't even punch dudes on the ground and here you are, an absolute madman."

This kill may be impressive, but the discussion around melee attacks is hot right now. Many are calling for a Warzone melee nerf, especially with the release of the Cold War Wakizashi sword.

There's also a lot of word in the Warzone community of frustrating glitches. There are reports of instantly exploding Warzone helicopters, and downed Warzone players still being able to shoot.

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