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Warzone Ship Hints at Verdansk Dam Being Destroyed in Season 2

The mysterious ship off the coast of Verdansk could reveal that the Warzone Dam will be destroyed in Season 2.

Players have been speculating about the mysterious ship off the coast of Verdansk since it appeared last week.

It seems to be heading towards Prison. However, the ship could be hinting at an unexpected Warzone event in another area of the map.

verdansk dam warzone map

Verdansk Ship Meaning in Warzone

The ship off the coast of Verdansk is carrying deadly Nova 6 gas, but it may also hint at an upcoming map change. The ship’s name is the Vodyanoy, which is the name of a Russian water spirit from fairy tales.

The name initially seemed insignificant, however, what the mythical Vodyanoy does could indicate what will happen to Verdansk. The ship’s arrival in Warzone could coincide with the Dam getting destroyed.

According to the Wikipedia page, the Vodyanoy “breaks dams” when angered. It also says that the leader of the Vodyanoys has the power to create lakes and rivers.

If this naming isn’t a coincidence, this could indicate that the Verdansk Dam could be destroyed in Warzone Season 2 and bring along a whole load of map changes with it.

This could also link to the rumors of a nuke hitting Verdansk in Season 2.
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Warzone Dam Destroyed

While a new map seems unlikely for the time being, fans already know that new points of interest are coming to Verdansk. Find out everything coming to Warzone in Season 2.

Therefore, if this Vodyanoy hint is to be believed, a huge change to the map could come because of the Verdansk Dam being destroyed.

With the dam destroyed, this could flood a large area of Verdansk, creating a large lake or river and destroying current points of interest.

warzone verdansk

This series of events could even lead to the second bunker doors opening in Warzone.

Warzone fans will be able to find out the real significance of the ship when Season 2 drops. Some lucky players have already been able to download the latest Black Ops Cold War update early.

Meanwhile, a new invisibility glitch is ruining games of Warzone. Let’s hope Raven fixes that soon, if they aren’t too busy destroying the Dam.

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