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Warzone Shadowbans Are Allegedly Forcing Fans to Play With Cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone is a game that is no stranger to cheating players. But now some innocent users believe that they’re being Shadowbanned and forced to play with those cheaters.

With over 85 million players, it’s no surprise that Call of Duty: Warzone has a few players in its midst. But what has been surprising since day one is Activision’s response to the cheating players.

Warzone still doesn’t have a functional anti-cheat software, and it’s easy for hackers to make a new free account whenever they’re eventually banned. It’s getting to the point where streamer NICKMERCS even claims that Warzone is dying due to a hacker infestation.

warzone fans forced to play with cheaters
(Source: Activision)

But it seems that Activision is now targeting some innocent players, and forcing them to play against cheaters. If you’re encountering high-ping matches with an abundance of hackers, you may have been shadowbanned.

What Are Warzone Shadowbans?

In Warzone, an account that is suspected of cheating may be placed in a Shadowban lobby. These lobbies are filled with other players that the publisher deems suspicious.

In the past, Activision announced their intentions to pool cheaters together, but it seems that a few innocent players have found their way to a Shadowban too. This could be because of suspiciously high performance coming from one account, or perhaps it’s due to a large number of in-game reports.

Warzone Shadowbans Innocent Players
(Source: Activision)

Unfortunately, if an innocent player is unlucky enough to get a Warzone Shadowban, there’s not much they can do. Their servers will be higher Ping, it will take longer to search for a match, and cheaters will be everywhere.

The only way to get back to a regular server appears to be by playing until your account unflags itself.

Warzone Is Shadowbanning Innocent Players

It seems that more than just a few innocent players are subject to Warzone’s Shadowbans. In fact, even Warzone content creator Tomographic appears to have been subject to the unfair punishment.

After making use of Warzone’s most overpowered weapon, the user now believes himself to be Shadowbanned. Tomographic speculates that their recent performance in-game has led to an increase in reports from eliminated enemies.

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Warzone Shadowbans
(Source: Activision)

Using the DMR 14 in-game is basically cheating at this point, which is why we’re glad a nerf to the overpowered Warzone weapon may be coming. But unfortunately, some enemies believed the YouTuber to actually be hacking due to how powerful the gun is.

“I am running into countless cheaters now,” Tomographic explains. “And it sucks that I can’t play with my friends, because all my games are occupied by cheaters.”

When playing with fellow content creators Aculite and JackFrags, the trio encountered dozens of cheaters in-game. However, once Tomographic left the party, the other two could play with no issues.

The YouTuber also reports waiting for up to 20 minutes to find their matches. But even when finding one, the match is, of course, a poor-connection cheater-filled mess.

We’d like to say that we hope Activision gets their act together and fixes this issue. But given just how many issues Warzone has had with cheaters since launch, we think it’s unlikely that anything is going to change.

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Gavin Rees

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

There's still way too much cheating going on like players who seem to jump up n down erratically and still lock in to you ! You see in they're kill cam that they're aim is just locked on , some kind of aiming assistance or aim not is being used and shooting through walls is getting out of hand! Game is completely broken !!!!!