Key Points
Completion Time:
10 minutes
Free Battle Pass Tier Skip
Must Haves:
Complete Missile Launch objective.

The Warzone MW3 reveal event, titled Shadow Siege, is underway, and among the tasks, players must accomplish is the objective to “Intercept 5 Radio Transmissions.”

While most challenges in this event follow a clear narrative path, grasping the concept of intercepting these radio transmissions might be more difficult.

For those aiming to conquer this challenge, you need not search any longer; we will now delve into how to do it.

How to Intercept 5 Radio Transmissions in Warzone Shadow Siege

To intercept 5 radio transmissions in Warzone Shadow Siege, you must first achieve the initial in-game objective of acquiring a missile launcher. Then you must proceed to the observatory bunkers, where soldiers guard the gas canisters.

After killing these soldiers, they will drop “Burner Phones” with which you can interact. Interacting with these phones will result in an intercept.

  1. Load into a game of Shadow Siege.
  2. Capture one of the eight missile launchers.
    • These are displayed by a large white icon on the map. To capture them, interact with the control panel and defend the area while the timer fills ups.
      • Interact: Square on PlayStation / X on Xbox / E on Keyboard & Mouse
Missile launch icon Shadow Siege
  1. After capturing, head to Zaya Observatory and into the bunkers.
  2. Shoot any enemy soldiers in the area.
  3. After killing these soldiers, check their loot drops for a “Burner Phone.’
    • It is worth noting that not every enemy soldier will drop a phone.
  4. Interact with the phone to secure an intercept.
    • Interact: Square on PlayStation / X on Xbox / E on Keyboard & Mouse

After interacting with 5 of these “Burner Phones,” you will have successfully intercepted the radio transmission. You will be awarded a free Battle Pass Tier Skip for your efforts once the game ends.

Burner phone to Intercept 5 Radio Transmissions
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