The M13C is the latest weapon in MW2 Warzone, but to get it, players will need to assist in killing at least 5 Shadow Siege Commanders in Al Mazrah.

However, players will only have a limited amount of time to do this while the current MW3 Reveal Event, Shadow Siege, is available in Warzone.

In this guide, we will go over the best tips and tricks to help you assist in defeating 5 Shadow Siege Commanders during Warzone Shadow Siege.

What Are Shadow Siege Commanders?

Shadow Siege Commanders are difficult enemies that appear as Attack Helicopters, Juggernauts, and Wheelsons during the second phase of the Warzone Shadow Siege.

You’ll need to assist in killing five of these commanders in order to unlock the new M13C weapon for Warzone Season 5.

These commanders will give players an extra challenge as they work to complete the different objectives during the Shadow Siege event. However, they don’t have a special indicator to them, so sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart from regular enemies.

Shadow Siege Event

How to Assist in Killing 5 Shadow Siege Commanders

To assist in killing 5 Shadow Siege Commanders, you need to damage the commanders that appear as a Wheelson, Juggernaut, or Attack Helicopter while in the Shadow Seige Playlist in Warzone. Once the commander you damaged is downed, it will count as an assist.

Shadow Siege Commanders only appear in the second phase of the event, when the bunkers open up. To count as an assist, all you need to do is damage the commander. You do not need to do the finishing blow.

Here are a few tips to help you find and damage these Shadow Siege Commanders in the battlefield for an easy assist:

  • The best Shadow Siege Commander to focus on is the Attack Helicopters. These choppers will circle around the entrances of these bunkers while raining down bullets.
    • They are the easiest to find during the event.
    • Take a rocket launcher in your loadout to help you take these choppers down without too much trouble.
    • If you have other players helping you, it’s possible to take down 2-3 Attack Helicopters in one match.
    • The Attack Helicopters tend to stay around the Exfil Helicopters players use to place gas canisters.
    • You can use vehicles around you with artillery to rain down bullets on any Attack Helicopters in your area.
Attack Helicopter MW2 Warzone Shadow Siege Commander
  • Players will find Wheelsons and Juggernauts inside the bunkers.
    • Use grenades and drill charges for heavy damage.
    • Fight them with other players so you’re not overwhelmed by the large number of enemies in the bunker.
    • Equip armor-piercing rounds to help you do more damage to them.
  • You do not get a notification for defeating a Shadow Siege Commander. You will only get a notification for obtaining the M13C weapon.
M13C Weapon Shadow Siege Commanders MW2 Warzone
  • Some players have also reported getting the M13C from killing 1 or 2 Siege Commanders. In our personal experience, we unlocked the M13C weapon after destroying 3 Attack helicopters.
    • You may need to kill all five before it appears, or it may appear earlier. This is something to keep in mind.

After you assist in defeating five of these Shadow Siege Commanders, you will unlock the M13C in the Gunsmith.

Where to Find Shadow Siege Commanders

Players can find Shadow Siege Commanders in the underground bunkers or around the Observatory during the Shadow Siege Event. They appear as either Wheelsons, Juggernauts, or even Attack Helicopters.

However, they only appear during the second phase of the Shadow Siege event, after players capture all the missile launchers.