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Warzone Servers Go Down Ahead of Nuke Event – April 20

Warzone’s servers are preparing for the game-changing Nuke event by going down for a few hours on April 20.

It seems that Warzone’s nuke event is all anyone’s talking about lately. With the battle royale’s first year having come and gone, it’s only natural that fans are eagerly awaiting a new map and major event.

In fact, hints about the Warzone nuke have been in the game since launch! And now it’s finally time for it to go down.

nuke warzone
(Source: Activision)

Or, at least, it will be when Warzone gets back online. Right now it looks like the battle royale is preparing to have a bit of downtime prior to the upcoming nuke event.

And in case you missed it, Warzone’s new update nerfed the Sykov, fixed sniper scope glint, and more!

When Will Warzone Be Back Online?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve noticed that Warzone’s servers are down – but the issue won’t be around for too long!

Very soon, a lot of players will be logging on to discover that Warzone’s servers are currently down for maintenance. But it the battle royale’s down time won’t be an ongoing issue for too much longer.

You can check when Warzone’s servers are back online using the link below:

Warzone Server Status – Is Warzone Down?

warzone scheduled maintenance

According to reports, Warzone’s servers will be going down from 7PM – 1AM EST/ 1 AM – 7AM CEST on April 20. And due to the maintenance period’s whopping 6-hour length, players are getting suspicious.

After all, Raven Software is likely taking the game offline to prepare for the nuke event, which has finally been confirmed in-game.

In fact, the official time and date for Warzone’s nuke event are here to stay. And this is one LTM you won’t want to miss.

Early reports suggest that Warzone is getting a Plague Mode, followed by the End of Verdansk. And after that, we’re heading to a 1980s Verdansk with brand-new POIs to explore.

We’ve just had a new Operator and official cover art leak for Warzone Season 3! And on top of that, we already know what weapons are coming in the large upcoming update.

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