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Warzone Season 2 New Modes Guide – Exfiltration & Resurgence Extreme

Want a complete guide to the new game modes coming to Warzone in the Season Two update? Here's the lowdown.

Season Two is bringing a lot of exciting features to Warzone. Not only do we get new playable characters, weapons, scorestreaks and more, we also get some new ways to play the game entirely.

Some new game modes are coming to Warzone, and we're excited to see how they'll shift the game's meta and bring some new ideas to the battle royale framework.

Warzone Season Two Game Mode Guide
Call of Duty Warzone's Verdansk

That might not be the only thing that changes the game, though; a new discovery in Cold War has implied that Zombies will be coming to Warzone.

Until this is confirmed, at least we have the new game modes revealed on Call of Duty's website to focus on. Luckily for you, we have the lowdown on these modes and what they'll be bringing to Warzone.

Complete Guide to Warzone's New Game Modes


The first new game mode is perhaps the most exciting, but curiously, it doesn't offer the biggest shift to the gameplay of the regular battle royale mode.

As usual, you'll drop into Verdansk in your squads. There will still be 150 players, and you'll still have the whole map to explore.

But there's a twist.

Somewhere on the island is a battered, clunky old radio. It will be marked on every player's maps, and the main goal of the mode is based around this radio.

Warzone Season Two Game Mode Guide
Call of Duty Warzone's Exfiltration Mode

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Pick up the radio and hold onto it for dear life. If you hold onto the radio for "a sufficient amount of time" (the timeframe is yet to be announced), a helicopter will swoop in to rescue you from other squads and the ever-closing circle. But it won't be easy.

Similar to a most wanted contract, you will be marked on the map of every other player in the game as long as you possess the radio. You will become public enemy number one, and must survive as long as possible to earn your exfil.

But, while this is happening, regular battle royale rules apply. Fight to be the last man standing, and go to the Gulag on death as regular.

The radio is an interesting addition to the regular gameplay of battle royale, and we can't wait to find it ourselves.

Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme

We know this game mode is titled like a Street Fighter II port, but it does look exciting.

It's very similar to the regular resurgence game mode, so if you've played that before, you'll likely have an idea of what's happening when you drop in.

Resurgence began as the only way for players to drop into the then-new Rebirth Island map. Now that game modes have changed this is no longer the case, but Resurgence is yet to make a return.

It was originally designed for squads of three, but with a much smaller player capacity to make up for the mode's respawn system.

Warzone Season Two Game Mode Guide
Call of Duty Warzone's Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme mode

Instead of being forced to the gulag, all players need to do in order to respawn is put their faith in their teammates to survive a short time without them. Then players will drop back in, no hassle.

Resurgence Extreme is exactly the same with a new twist. This time, up to ninety players will be dropping into Rebirth Island, making the mode even more hectic.

Weapon caches still spawn around the map so there'll be no shortage of firepower, but expect a longer, more frenetic, higher octane Rebirth Island experience.

That's our guide for the two modes coming to Warzone, and we can't wait until we can jump into them.

We're also incredibly excited about the rest of the content coming in Season Two. Here's everything you need to know about Warzone's new update, and our complete guide to Cold War's Season Two upgrades.

Plus, if you really can't wait, use this method to play Cold War's Outbreak mode right now.

In other Zombies news, a leaker has revealed a standalone Zombies game is in development.

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