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Warzone Season 6 Subways Have Already Broken the Game [UPDATE]

Warzone Season 6 has barely gone live and already the new subway system is causing issues.

It wouldn’t be a new Call of Duty season without a few issues to get angry at. Thanks to a bug with Warzone’s new subway system, players can abuse the underground to indefinitely survive, even in the gas.

In a clip posted to Reddit by user alexandremix, the game-breaking exploit is fully visible. Strangely enough, Infinity Ward has made the decision to keep the subways active, even when the gas is closing in.

As we can see from the video above, it’s possible to stay alive indefinitely inside the subway, provided the players are prepared sufficiently. No matter how long they stay in the underground, it’s possible to remain alive.

This means, of course, that the players in the actual ring will eventually die off. Then, those abusing the train bug will get a free Warzone Victory without firing a shot.

How Does the Subway Bug Work?

It appears that the Warzone subway system makes use of a teleport to take players from one area of the map to another. While this happens, the users briefly aren’t suffering from the gas.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Underground Subway Network
(Source: Activision)

When the bug-abuser’s health is low, they can simply use a Stim to return from the brink of death. With the stim returning them to full health, they can survive longer in the gassy underground.

Combine this with the Restock perk which resupplies players’ Tactical Equipment slot and you’ve got a recipe for infinite stalling. This tactic wouldn’t work in the gas zone normally, but it’s made possible by the train system delaying death by suffocation.

Add It to the List, Activision!

This new bug is just one of the many issues with Warzone at present. That said, it’s definitely the top priority for Activision to fix.

Warzone subway system
(Source: Activision)

Now that the bug is in the public eye, it’ll be happening more and more in Warzone Season 6. It’s clear that the development team didn’t have sufficient time to test the subway system before the launch of the new update.

The Reddit user showing off the subway trick even calls on Activision to hire a testing team in the title of his post. Commenting on the gameplay footage, the user states that he only performed the cheap tactic in order to report the issue.

Warzone players are calling for a change to gas masks too, as the equipment is causing major issues in the game. What’s more, an unintended Warzone C4 trick is eliminating whole squads in seconds.

(UPDATE 30/09/20)

Activision has quickly taken player feedback on board and a new patch is available for Warzone Season 6.

The new update allegedly adjusts the underground to ensure players can die in the gas, even when riding the train. It also nerfs the drop rate for Warzone Season 6’s secret killstreak.