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Warzone Season 6 Features Mason Operator, Adler Betrayal

According to a new leak, Warzone Season 5 will end with a tease at Alex Mason arriving in Season 6.

Ever since the launch of Black Ops Cold War, fans of the title have been waiting for the arrival of Alex Mason as an Operator. The iconic Black Ops protagonist has long been a staple of the franchise, but he’s been unavailable in both Multiplayer and Warzone so far.

Now it looks as though Activision was simply saving the best for last as we head into what is likely to be Black Ops Cold War’s final season.

After waiting months for Soap to finally release in Warzone, Modern Warfare fans got their Operator bundle in August.

Season 5 Reloaded
(Source: Activision)

And now, it seems that Alex Mason will be arriving as an Operator in Season 6. And new reports indicate that Modern Warfare 2 is also in development right now!

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Warzone Season 5 End Cutscene Reveals Mason Operator

A new leak from the Warzone Season 5 Reloaded end cutscene seemingly reveals that Mason is coming in Season 6.

At the end of each season, Activision gives us a hint at what’s to come next. And this time, the company is setting the stage for an explosive conclusion to the Black Ops Cold War storyline.

It seems that Adler’s time in captivity may well have led to some brainwashing of his own. And during Warzone’s upcoming Numbers event, we might see that operations aren’t running smoothly in Verdansk right now.

According to a leaked transcript for the Season 5 end cutscene, Adler may be compromised. And after satellites crash-landed in Verdansk, it seems that the Operator may have recovered some vital information from them in secret.

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Black Ops Cold War Mason Operator
(Source: Activision)

As Hudson and Woods discuss bringing him in, the new Season 5 Operator suggests finding Alex Mason who “knows what has to be done.”

It’s true that Mason knows a thing or two about the mysterious numbers and brainwashing. He’s certainly the perfect pick for the main Operator in Warzone Season 6.

It looks as though Adler might be getting a taste of his own medicine this time around. But what’s most exciting about the new Warzone Season 6 story is that it finally brings Mason into the mix.

We expect a dramatic final confrontation in Verdansk before we’re whisked away to Warzone’s new Pacific map!

We just got a new major leak about the Warzone Pacific map reveal right here! But it seems that The Pacific could have major problems already

Meanwhile, Warzone hackers and cheaters are ruining Season 5 still! Without the upcoming Warzone anti-cheat, many players might not be able to enjoy Mason’s return.

Thanks to dataminer HeyImAlaix for finding this new Season 6 leak!

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Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Can't wait! It's about time they put mason in the game