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Warzone Season 5 Update Needs Huge Changes Or Fans Could Quit

If the Warzone Season 5 update doesn’t fix many of the game’s problems, players could finally quit the game entirely.

It’s fair to say that Warzone is not in a good state at the moment. Not only are players unhappy with the ever-rising number of hackers, but there are plenty of smaller bugs and glitches that are ruining the game.

Even content creators like JGOD are calling Warzone “basically unplayable” at the moment.

This has prompted many Warzone fans on the game’s subreddit to threaten to quit the game, unless developer Raven makes some huge changes in the Season 5 update. Find out the changes Warzone needs below.

But first, check out the Warzone Season 5 update release date.


Every Update Warzone Needs in Season Five

NICKMERCS has already weighed in on every change Warzone needs to be good again. However, Warzone fans have now released their list of demands that they want from Raven Sofware in a new Reddit post.

Firstly, the feature every Warzone player wants the most is a solid anti-cheat system. This should be on the way as Activision has been investing more resources into Warzone anti-cheat for months now, yet the system still hasn’t arrived yet.

Secondly, PC players have a huge advantage over console players in Warzone, which is why players want an FOV slider on Xbox and PlayStation. Luckily, a Warzone insider has revealed whether console will get an FOV slider soon.

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Additionally, there needs to be better performance and weapon balancing after the Warzone Season 5 update. Season 4 Reloaded changed 35 weapons, yet the game’s guns are still far from balanced.

Finally, Warzone players think there are way too many glitches in the game right now. Not only can players become bulletproof, but there is a new invisibility glitch in Warzone too.

Hopefully, Raven Software will fix at least some of these issues in the upcoming Season 5 update. Otherwise, the future of Warzone doesn’t look bright.

Meanwhile, check out our tier list for the best weapons to use in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded. These will definitely help you get more wins.

Also, more Warzone content creators are ready to quit the game. Not only is Dr Disrespect threatening to retire from Warzone, but popular streamer NICKMERCS has quit Warzone’s battle royale modes entirely.

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Comments 2



Saturday 14th of August 2021

Leaving this game now because season 5 can't play in split screen. Memory error 13-75 every attempt. What a waste!!!!


Monday 2nd of August 2021

I already ditched WZ. I was ranked top 10k in the world in Resurgence mode. I was planning on beginning my own stream when I quit. Too many cheaters. I was killed 13 consecutive times in one hour by cheaters on WZ. That was the proverbial "last straw" as they say. Years of enduring toxicity and cheating has possibly permanently driven me away from all COD games. The saddest part...I was getting pretty good at the game. Please Activision and Raven....PLEASE FIX WZ SO I CAN COME BACK!!