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All Map Changes Coming to Caldera & Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 5

The Warzone Season 5 roadmap just dropped and revealed all of the exciting new map changes coming to Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep.

Warzone Season 5 will feature iconic villains from past COD titles and bring some noticeable changes to the landscapes across all three maps.

It makes sense to see Call of Duty go all out with Warzone Season 5 since rumors suggest that Warzone 2 could release in just a few months.

All Caldera Map Changes in Warzone Season 5

Caldera will feature a new volcanic development on Peak, a brand new Gulag location, and changes to the island’s weather in Warzone Season 5.

Caldera will also be the center of a brand new Community Event. Here’s everything new coming to Caldera:

  • Peak POI Expansion
    • Peak will now have lava running through the sides of the mountain in all modes. During the brand-new Operation: Last Call LTM, it will also spew out lava in all directions.
Caldera Peak Lava
  • New Gulag Location
    • The Gulag in Caldera is also receiving a volcanic overhaul inspired by the Black Ops 2 multiplayer map, Rush.
Season 5 Gulag Changes
  • New Weather & Lighting
    • Caldera’s storm has finally cleared to reveal a sun rising from the volcanic ashes of Peak. This means players will be more visible to others.
Season 5 Weather Changes

Caldera will also be the home of the brand new LTM, Operation: Last Call. Players can affect Caldera differently depending on the route they choose in this new mode. This will all be available once Warzone Season 5 officially releases.

All Rebirth Island Map Changes

Rebirth Island is also getting weather and lightning changes that should change how players maneuver around the map in Warzone Season 5.

Here is a complete list of changes:

  • New Weather & Lighting
    • Rebirth Island will now have a vibrant sunset casting over the island. This should make it easier to spot enemies around corners.
Rebirth Island Season 5 Map Changes

Warzone Season 5 will also feature Rebirth Island Resurgence Supreme in its weekly mode rotation.

All Fortune’s Keep Map Changes

As of right now, there have been no confirmed changes coming to Fortune’s Keep in Warzone Season 5.

Fortune’s Keep is the most recent map to be added to Warzone, so it seems that any changes Raven Software plans on implementing are being saved for the mid-season update.

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