Call of Duty has just revealed its Season 5 Key Art for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, showcasing some new faces and exciting new details about the upcoming season.

Every season of Warzone tries to keep the battle royale fresh without straying too far from its original formula. However, with Season 5, it looks like Call of Duty really wants to leave a lasting impression.

Here is the new Key Art and what it tells us about the upcoming story in Season 5.

MW2 & Warzone Season 5 Key Art

Call of Duty just released the Warzone and MW2 Season 5 Key Art, and in it, we get our first glimpses at the new Operators: Oz, Graves, and Mila. The art also revealed the return of the FAMAS and the Al Mazrah Observation Tower going up in flames.

Warzone Season 5 Operators

In the Warzone Season 5 Key Art, players can see the new Operators, Graves, Oz, and Mila from left to right.

Warzone Season 5 Operators

Players will likely be able to obtain all of these Operators by completing the Season 5 Battle Pass.

On the official Call of Duty Website, the Key Art also shows a caption stating, “Reunite with a former enemy,” and in large letters, “Old Enemies. New Alliances.”

Warzone Season 5 Key Art

This hints at the possible return of a villain that players will need to cooperate with. Previously, this section actually said, “Reunite with a former enemy and celebrate 50 years of hip hop.”

However, the second part is no longer on the website. Recent leaks have hinted at Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage appearing as Operators, so that removed line could be a nod toward that upcoming collaboration.

New Weapon Revealed – FAMAS

The Warzone Season 5 Key Art revealed what seems to be the FAMAS weapon from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops title.

In the art, an orange FAMAS is seen carried by Oz with a logo for the Shadow Company on its side.

FAMAS Warzone Season 5

Observation Tower POI Changes Teased

One of the most interesting pieces of information from the Key Art is the appearance of an Observation Tower in flames behind the new Operators.

Observation Tower Warzone Season 5

The Observation Tower is a popular POI in Al Mazrah that players will find in The Observatory. In the past, Call of Duty destroyed popular POIr to progress the story within Warzone.

One of the most notable examples was the Stadium in Verdansk. At first, the Stadium was closed entirely, but events in the seasons opened it up and eventually completely destroyed it.

It will be interesting to see how the burning Observation Tower ties in with the recently teased MWIII reveal event in Season 5.