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Warzone Season 4: ‘New Roze’ Night Terror Florence Skin Worries Fans

Warzone players are already concerned about Florence’s new Night Terror skin – could it be the ‘new Roze’?

Warzone is all about being the last squad standing and leaving as the victor so it makes sense that players will do almost anything to give them an advantage over their opponents.

While almost everyone will be using one of the OP Vanguard weapon loadouts in Warzone, some players will even use skins to get an advantage in Caldera, Rebirth Island, and the new Warzone map Fortune’s Keep.

The most infamous skin in Warzone history by far is the ‘pay to win’ Roze skin that was near-invisible in parts of the map.

Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Season 4

However, following the huge Roze skin nerf in Warzone, all of the operators have been on a fairly even playing field.

Despite this, players are very worried about an upcoming Warzone skin for Florence – Night Terror. But could it really be the replacement for Roze?

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Warzone Fans Worry About the ‘New Roze’ Skin

Warzone Season 4 is bringing some huge changes to Caldera. And while players love these changes, they are very concerned about another new addition.

At the start of Season 4, a stealthy new skin will be dropping in Warzone. However, instead of excitement, players are worried about the Night Terror Skin for Florence.

This is because the skin is dark black with small purple highlights and could be extremely difficult to spot. It looks so stealthy that some players online are even comparing it to the infamous Roze skin.

Luckily, it looks like this skin won’t be too common though. There’s only one way of getting it and it’ll cost you!

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Warzone Night Terror Skin

How to Get the Florence Night Terror Skin in Warzone – Violet Stealth Pro Pack

The Florence Night Terror Skin is only available as part of the Violet Stealth Pro Pack. This will be available from the start of Warzone Season 4 and costs $20.

Also included in the bundle are two legendary weapon blueprints, an epic watch, a rare reticle, 2400 COD Points, and more.

Therefore, it’s not cheap to get the Florence Night Terror skin in Warzone but it could be worth it if you were planning on buying COD Points anyway.

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Warzone Violet Stealth Pro Pack

Let’s hope that this new skin isn’t as OP as Roze was, otherwise Warzone could be overrun by players using the Night Terror skin!

Also, a fan-favorite Warzone location is coming to Caldera in Season 4. Let’s hope it is as good as it used to be in Verdansk!

Additionally, find out how to unlock the new Warzone Season 4 weapons:

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