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Warzone Season 3 Verdansk 1980s Gameplay Leaks Online Early

Tonight, gamers will be able to experience Warzone Season 3’s new Verdansk 1980s gameplay for themselves. But footage of the map is leaking early.

If you’ve been wanting to see what Warzone Season 3’s new 1980s Verdansk looks like, search no further. After all, we’ve got a complete rundown of the map and all its POIs.

By tomorrow morning, every Warzone player will be able to enjoy Verdansk’s colorful new makeover for themselves. But before then, we can get an early look at the 1980s theme, thanks to a mistake by Activision.

warzone verdansk nuke
(Source: Activision)

Right now it appears that the entire 1980s Verdansk map is present in the Warzone files. However, access to the arena is off-limits until tonight’s Destruction of Verdansk Part 2 event is complete.

But one streamer managed to get a look at the map when Activision accidentally put it live a few hour ago.

In case you missed it, watch the full Destruction of Verdansk Nuke drop on Warzone right here.

Everything New in Warzone 1980s Verdansk Map

Thanks to this streamer, we have a full tour of Warzone’s Verdansk 1980s map, including all the major POIs and more!

In last night’s stream, YouTuber Bartonologist made it into a Private Match of Verdank’s 1980s map, before it was removed from Warzone. And while everyone else was playing Rebirth Island Night, the streamer and his friends managed to check out the new map early.

On first impressions, it’s fair to say that the new Warzone 1980s Verdansk map is much more colorful than the older location. And that, combined with the new nerfs to the Roze skin in Warzone, will make visibility so much clearer in-game.

downtown 1980s verdansk Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Besides that, there’s a lot more green on the Warzone map, as the modernization of Verdansk is not yet complete. New locations such as the classic map Summit POI are clearly visible too.

We even get a look at the new 1980s Gulag that resembles another classic Call of Duty map!

Warzone 1980s Verdansk Map Tour

If you want to take a look at the full Warzone 1980s Verdansk map tour, Bartonologist‘s full gameplay can be seen below.

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Aside from the major new POIs like Salt Mine, Summit, and Array, there are also more subtle changes to the map. Buildings have a new reskin, and interiors and rooftops are often different too.

The iconic Superstore has big changes in its design, making the intricate battleground even more interesting. Meanwhile, of course, Stadium has had a complete overhaul.

Take a look at the map’s new content right here:

We’re only hours away from the Destruction of Verdansk Part 2 – here’s how to get involved.

After that, presumably this new 1980s Verdansk map will be free to explore in Warzone. And there’s even a new Hunt for Adler event to get players acquainted with the redesign.

But with huge changes to the meta in Warzone Season 3, you’ll need to gear up. We’ve got our eye on a new best weapon for Warzone Season 3 already.

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