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Warzone Season 3 Update Finally Brings Roze Skin Nerf – Before & After

Warzone’s infamous Roze skin has finally gotten a nerf! Check out what it looks like now.

Warzone, like most free-to-play games has a load of cosmetic items you can buy. This include operator skins.

While they are meant to be purely cosmetic items, one skin has become by far the most popular because it gives you a competitive advantage. However, Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes state that the Roze skin has been “altered”.

Roze Rook Skin Warzone Invisible

Why Was the Rook Skin for Roze So OP?

The Rook skin for Roze is black from head to toe, which made it perfect for campers. Players would use it to hide in the dark corners of the map and become almost invisible.

What makes it even worse is that the Rook Skin for operator Roze was the tier 100 reward for the Season 5 Battle Pass. This means that loads of players have access to the skin.

It quickly became by far the most popular skin in Warzone and, as that happened, more and more players started to get annoyed about it. Some players even started a petition to remove the Roze skin from the game.

The backlash about the Roze skin went so far that fans started making hilarious Roze changes to make the skin totally useless. However, a change for the Roze skin has now finally arrived…

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Warzone Most Overpowered Skin

Warzone Roze Skin After Nerf

The nerf to to Roze skin hasn’t totally changed what it looks like. In fact, the difference is actually very subtle.

While Roze looks basically identical, the difference comes with how light reflects off of her. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see her suit is more reflective than is used to be.

This should mean that it easier to spot players using this skin in dark corners of the map.

Hopefully, the new Warzone map will have better lighting too. Check out the first official images of the 1980s Verdansk Warzone map here.

Even if Roze is still very hard to see, you can use this great counter for the invisible Roze skin when you see someone using it.

However, some Warzone players have already started using a skin that is even more difficult to see than Roze.

Erroneus Reddit

Meanwhile, Warzone Season 3 has brought some new operators, alongside the Roze nerf. Find out how to unlock every new operator in Warzone Season 3.

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