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Warzone Season 3 Full Patch Notes – May 7

There’s a new May 7 patch for Warzone Season 3 that’s making some mind-blowing changes to the battle royale.

Lately, Warzone developer Raven Software has been making all the right decisions. In the last few major updates, the development team has become more open with the battle royale’s fan base, and is making changes for the better.

After over a year of strange changes and disappointing patches, it’s surprising to see the difference in recent weeks. But it’s a pleasant surprise and, after all, it’s better late than never!

In Warzone Season 3’s May 7 patch notes, the developer reveals some incredible buffs and nerfs to the battle royale’s weapons. We finally got the long-awaited AMAX nerf, but the patch notes suggest that the gun is simply balanced now, rather than completely destroyed.

What’s more, Warzone Season 3’s terrible floor loot situation is finally improving! And if your favorite gun got hit in this update, here’s a complete list of all of Warzone’s best weapon meta loadouts.

Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

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Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes – May 7


  • Loot that spawns across both Verdansk and Rebirth Island has been adjusted as follows…
    • Streetsweeper
      • Common variant removed from ground loot
      • Uncommon variant removed from ground loot
      • Rare variant removed from Supply Boxes
      • Epic variant removed from Supply Boxes
    • Hauer 77
      • Common variant added to ground loot
      • Uncommon variant added to ground loot
      • Rare variant added to Supply Boxes

We knew that Streetsweeper changes would be coming in the new update, and this nerf to the drop rate is sure to make players happy.


  • Fixed additional map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas. This is on top of the locations that we addressed last week.
  • Fixed a bug causing Player models to initially load as low resolution at the start of a BR match.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cold War AK-47, FARA 83, XM4, and RPD where they were having their ADS Move Speed and Firing Move Speeds decreased with the Tactical and SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stocks rather than increased.


warzone may 7 weapon nerfs and buffs
(Source: Activision)

Assault Rifles


Minimum Damage decreased from 32 to 31 (Warzone Only)

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Headshot Multiplier decreased from 1.5 to 1.35

Base ADS Move Speed decreased by 7%

It’s nice to see the FARA 83 is getting adjusted, especially after pro players called it the most broken gun in Warzone Season 3!



Base Hip Spread increased

Recoil increased slightly

ADS speed reduced slightly

Submachine Guns


Maximum Damage decreased from 34 to 32

Maximum Damage Range increased by 11%

Base Move Speed increased by 1%

Sprint Out Speed increased by 13%

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Maximum Damage Range increased by 4%

Open Bolt Delay decreased by 80%

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Warzone Season 3 May 7 Patch Notes
(Source: Activision)



Combat Recon (Snipers)

Bullet Velocity multiplier increased by 12%

ADS Idle Sway multiplier decreased by 33.3%

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Axial Arms 3x (Cold War AK-47)

Optic behavior improved


Raider/KGB Skeletal Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 75%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

Raider/KGB Skeletal Stock (Submachine Guns)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 75%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

SAS Combat/Spetsnaz Stock (Submachine Guns)

ADS Firing Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 10%

Tactical Stock (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Snipers)

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 75%

Tactical Stock (Submachine Guns) 

ADS Move Speed multiplier decreased by 50%

Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

Pre-update, Black Ops Cold War rifles had overpowered movement speed in Warzone! Now the weapons are all in a much better place in the meta.

That’s all for the May 7 Warzone patch notes, but we’re eager to see what the developer brings to the game next!

It’s nice to see that the broken Black Ops Cold War guns are finally getting the nerfs they deserve. Perhaps now, players will stop asking for Warzone to remove all Cold War weapons.

Next up, Warzone players want a nerf to this broken equipment that’s been in the meta for too long. And Activision is promising to fix Warzone’s biggest lightning and visibility issues.

Meanwhile, it looks like Rambo is coming to Warzone in a new crossover!

(Source: Raven Software)

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