It’s almost time for the Warzone Season 2 update – here’s everything we know about the major patch, from release date to contents!

It’s only been a matter of days since Call of Duty Warzone’s rocky Season 1 Reloaded update, and already Season 2 is fast approaching.

Hopefully, the next update will be smooth sailing compared to the mid-season drop, as we already know about some exciting features set to arrive in-game.

Season 2 Release Date

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 has an expected release date of Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

This is shortly after the Season 1 Battle Pass comes to an end, and fits the usual COD schedule. However, as of right now, the exact release time and date is yet to be confirmed.

We think it’s extremely likely that February 7 will be the date to watch, but we’ll update this article if Activision officially confirms the Season 2 release time.

Warzone Soldier with a Sniper


The Warzone Season 2 update should go live in .

Those on console should be able to pre-load the seasonal update a matter of hours before it goes live. However, PC players won’t be so lucky, with pre-loads not usually possible on the platform.

Here’s what we know about the Season 2 update so far:

All Season 2 Content

As of right now, the official Season 2 patch notes have not been revealed, but we already have some information about what’s coming to MW3 & Warzone Season 2!


Warzone Season 2 is set to feature a new array of weapons, with two guns dropping in the upcoming Battle Pass.

Leaker Vondyispog on Twitter claims that the guns available to unlock this season are as follows:

  • ANVL-B (FN F2000) – Assault Rifle
  • HRM-762 (Beretta ARX200) – Battle Rifle
  • PM-9 (Minebea PM9) – SMG
  • MTAR (IWI X95) – SMG
  • Sword – Melee

Lending credit to this leak is an official image released by Call of Duty in its Season 1 Reloaded blog, which appears to feature an Operator using the FN F2000.

FN F2000 in MW3

This iconic weapon featured in both the original MW2 and MW3, so fans would certainly be happy to see it return.

Of course, only 2-3 weapons tend to drop in each Warzone update, with the others scheduled to release mid-season. Even if this list is correct (and we suggest taking it with a pinch of salt for now), don’t expect them all to arrive at the season’s launch.


Each season brings with it a featured Operator and a few other characters unlockable through store bundles and the Battle Pass.

This time around, leaks suggest that the Season 2 Operator could well be none other than Kate Laswell.

Campaign players will recognize this character as Watcher-1, a CIA Operative and a close ally of Captain Price.

Laswell was even playable in MW3’s short Campaign for the first time, during the mission ‘Deep Cover.’

Not only does Laswell feature in currently unreleased in-game assets, but the character also appeared in a recent Call of Duty social media post.

Laswell in MW3 Party

In a post celebrating 1 million Threads followers, Laswell is visible in a party alongside Operators such as Ghost, Graves, Captain Price, and Gaz.

Rebirth Island & Fortune’s Keep

After apologizing for the mess that was Season 1 Reloaded, Raven Software shared with us a brand-new image of Rebirth Island, which it assures fans is on its way.

We’ve known for some time now that both Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, Warzone’s smaller Resurgence maps, would be returning in early 2024.

Fortunes Keep from Warzone on the left and Rebirth Island on the right

And seeing as Season 2 will last for approximately 50-60 days, it should take us through to April.

We certainly wouldn’t call April ‘early’ in the year, therefore there’s a good chance that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep are set to debut in Season 2.

Specialist Bonus

Those familiar with the original Call of Duty Warzone may have recognized the Specialist Bonus appearing in the recent Rebirth Island teaser.

Appearing as a briefcase decorated with a fist icon, this special pick-up grants players all of the Perks in the game at once – for the duration of their in-game life!

Specialist Token in Rebirth Island Warzone

Raven Software has confirmed that the Specialist Bonus will return to Warzone, and seeing as it was shown on Rebirth Island, it’s most likely dropping in Season 2.

Weapon Cases & Covert Exfil

Hey, we’ve seen this one before!

Weapon Cases and Covert Exfils were set to release in Season 1 Reloaded, before Activision delayed the features at the last second.

Citing negative fan feedback as the reason for the disappearance, Raven Software announced that a dedicated mode would be coming to Warzone in the future. In this mode, players will aim to get their hands on Weapon Cases and then extract from the game by purchasing a Covert Exfil at a Buy Station.

Weapon Cases & Covert Exfils in Warzone

Doing so will unlock permanent rewards for the case extractors, but there’s a catch. Any player holding a Weapon Case will be marked on the map for all users until they escape successfully.

Since both features never appeared in Season 1, they’re most likely surfacing in Season 2.

Precision Airstrike Changes

Recently, Raven took to X/Twitter once more to demonstrate an upcoming Season 2 change to Precision Airstrikes.

Now, any player in range of a Precision Airstrike when it is first called in will be able to see its path on the mini-map.

It’s worth noting that you’ll only see the new airstrike path if you’re inside its range when the killstreak is used.

Therefore, it is still possible to call in the planes to intercept an enemy’s path without them knowing it’s coming.

Balance Patch

We just got a significant balance patch in Season 1 Reloaded, but it’s clear that the recent weapon tweaks weren’t enough for some fans.

Never fear though, as Season 2 offers yet another chance for some much-needed weapon balancing.

However, it’s clear that MW2 weapons will probably never be meta again, after Activision nerfed the last usable ones into the ground.

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