Warzone is getting new MW3 integration, and the countdown to Season 1 is nearing its end! Here’s what to expect alongside the new update:

In an update that many are dubbing ‘Warzone 3’ (though Activision itself will never do that after the backlash to the BR’s first rebranding), MW3 is being incorporated into the popular Battle Royale.

Although Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launched all the way back on November 10, it is only now getting ready to bring a host of new content to Warzone.

Season 1 Release Date

Warzone & MW3 Season 1 will release on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

The major update is expected to go live at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

Activision has now officially confirmed this start time to the season in its Season 1 overview blog.

Ghost in Urzikstan Warzone Map

Countdown to Urzikstan

The Warzone Season 1 update (and new Urzikstan map) should go live in .

After that, players will be free to drop in and enjoy the new Warzone map, with MW3 weapons, movement changes, and more!

Will There Be a Pre-Load?

Yes, there will most likely be a pre-load for Warzone Season 1. We expect the early download to go live for PlayStation and Xbox users around 24-48 hours before the launch.

Therefore, console pre-loads for Season 1 should arrive between December 4-5, 2023.

In the past, however, we’ve seen PC users not getting the chance to pre-load updates. It’s unclear whether or not PC players will be in luck this time, but if not, expect a large download on launch day.

We’ll update this article when more information about the MW3 Season 1 pre-load is revealed.

All Season 1 Content

New Urzikstan Map

Warzone is kicking off Season 1 with a brand-new map, Urzikstan, which appears to have drawn heavy inspiration from Verdansk.

The map is already playable in its entirety inside Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) but this will be our first chance to experience how it acts as a Battle Royale map.

Urzikstan Map MW3 Season 1

Of course, this means we’ll be bidding farewell to Al Mazrah, which will soon no doubt be seen as an underrated map.

The Urzikstan map we’re familiar with will even get some additional changes. For example, a drivable train will be patrolling the map – unless players choose to pull the handbrake and stop it in its tracks.

Ashika Island & Vondel Return

Both Ashika Island and Vondel are confirmed to return shortly after the start of Warzone Season 1!

The smaller BR maps will release on Friday, December 8, 2023, 48 hours after the season goes live.

Ashika Island in Warzone

After that, both arenas, alongside smaller locations in Urzikstan, will be available as part of a rotating map Resurgence playlist.

Almost 40 New Weapons

Warzone’s meta is due for a shake-up, thanks to MW3’s 37 new weapons being added to the game.

What’s more, we’re also getting a whopping 5 new guns being added with Season 1, bringing the total number of new weapons to 42!

MW3 White Haired Operator Pointing Forward

Players have already been eagerly leveling up their roster to prepare them for their BR loadouts. And we already know which guns are best to level up before Warzone Season 1 launches!

Changes to Movement

If you weren’t a big fan of Modern Warfare 2’s movement, don’t worry! The speedy mantling, sliding, and even slide-canceling of MW3 will be coming to Warzone in Season 1.

It’s possible that not all of MW3’s new movement tech will make the jump, however. In the Season 1 blog post, Activision stated that ‘many of the new movement mechanics’ will be present in the Battle Royale.

MW3 Tac-Stance Captain John Price

Interestingly, the new Tac-Stance (a cross between aiming down sights and hip-fire) will also carry over, something that could either play a big part in the meta, or be forgotten entirely.

New Warzone-Exclusive Perks

A number of new Perks are coming exclusively to Warzone. Despite MW3’s new gear system, the Battle Royale will continue with its existing Perk selection, but a few more upgrades will be available too.

The following Perks will be enabled by default, meaning all players will experience their benefits:

  • Tac Pads – Improves sliding distance and allows ADS while sliding. Stance transition speed also increases
  • Commando Gloves – Enables reloading while running
  • Quick-Grip Gloves – Increases weapon swap speed
  • Climbing Boots – Increases climbing and mantling speed
  • Overkill – Allows you to pick two Primary Weapons
Warzone Weapons and Equipment

Furthermore, the following Perks can be equipped as Custom Perks inside your Loadout:

  • Irradiated – Move faster and take reduced damage from the gas
  • Tempered – Refill armor plates to full with just two plates (instead of three)
  • Combat Scout – Bullets will ping enemies for your team. The further the distance between you and the enemy, the longer they’ll stay marked
  • Resolute – Increases movement speed when taking damage from gunfire
  • Shrouded – Drop a smoke grenade when downed
  • Mountaineer – Reduces fall damage
  • Stalker – Increases strafe and ADS movement speed
  • Escapist – Increases downed, prone, and crouched movement speed
  • Primed – Accuracy and ADS time is improved while jumping
  • Faculty – Delay triggered explosives (mines and claymores etc) while sprinting. Detect enemy equipment, reduces combat noise

The Gulag Is Changing

A new map calls for a new Gulag, and of course that’s exactly what Urzikstan is delivering. Fall to an enemy in the new Battle Royale arena and you’ll face off against another player for your freedom.

Warzone Urzikstan Gulag

Aside from a brand-new environment, here’s what else players can look forward to in the new Gulag:

  • Ascend via an exfil rope during overtime to escape and win – but beware that you can be shot while extracting!
  • New public events may occur while you’re in the Gulag
    • Go Again – Get another chance after losing the first fight
    • Cash Grab – More money to collect, with a major stash in the center
    • Locked and Loaded Weapons – Get AMG + SMG Loadout with full armor, to be properly supplied upon redeploy
  • Night Vision Gulag (In Season) – The Gulag will occasionally go dark, requiring Operators to equip night-vision goggles during the fight

Quality of Life Changes

Call of Duty NEXT revealed a ton of Quality of Life changes that are set to arrive with Warzone Season 1. Here’s what players can expect:

  • Gas Masks can be equipped manually, preventing awkward removal timings. Masks will also counter Tear Gas.
  • Faster pace, changes made to gas circle closing times and sizes
  • Swimming will let users pull out a Pistol, regardless of their weapons
  • Contract rebalancing – more common and new rewards
  • Added Horizontal Ziplines to the map for easier movement
  • Dedicated Ammo Slots in the Backpack, for easy access
  • Classid Red Dots on the map when enemies fire unsuppressed weaponry
  • Tweaks to UI

That’s all we know about MW3 x Warzone Season 1 so far, but we’ll update this article with all the latest info as it arrives!

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