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Warzone Scope Glint Fix Coming Soon – Raven Investigating

Use your no glint sniper scopes in Warzone while you still can – a fix could be coming soon!

Scope glint on high-powered sniper optics is a great way to keep sniper rifles balanced in Warzone. Although, that’s only when glint is working as intended.

Recently, there have been a number of problems with scope glint. However, Warzone developer Raven Software has now addressed these issues.

Warzone Sniper

Glitch Removes Sniper Scope Glint

There has been a glitch where certain scope on Cold War sniper rifles have no glint ever since they were added into Warzone. However, this glint problem is even more widespread in Warzone now, and a fix needs to come soon.

Ever since the April 6 update for Warzone landed, there is an issue with even more scopes in Warzone. Players can now use this specific scope on Modern Warfare in Warzone snipers to remove all scope glint.

This glitch may not be a problem in Warzone for much longer, though. A fix for scope glint could be on the way.

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Black Ops Cold War Sniper Spree

Warzone Glint Fix Coming Soon

Raven is now aware of these glitches and has added a card about them to the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Trello Board. This is a public list of all of the bug fixes that both Treyarch and Raven are working on at the moment.

For instance, the board also says Raven is currently fixing the invisibility glitch caused by the attack chopper’s minigun.

Currently, the card is tagged as “investigating”, which means that Raven is looking into the causes of the issues. However, once the investigation is complete, Raven will most likely drop a patch containing a fix for the glint glitch in Warzone soon.

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Meanwhile, a leaker has revealed the release date for the overpowered Sykov pistol. This could totally shake up the Warzone meta.

Until scope glint, and all of the other major problems in Warzone are fixed, then many players will continue to join the growing FIXWZ clan tag movement.

Finally, was Warzone better before the Cold War Integration? Most players seem to think so!

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