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Warzone SBMM Tracking Site Is Being Shut Down By Activision

Fans protest the shut down of a Warzone SBMM tracking site, despite moves from Activision's legal team.

Over the last year or so, Call of Duty fans have been taking up arms against SBMM. Skill-Based Matchmaking is a feature that's heavily entwined in COD titles, pairing users up with players of similar skill levels.

There are positives and negatives to the system, but most COD fans tend to agree that SBMM is being too heavily implemented in recent history. This is why Warzone streamers are manipulating SBMM to get into easier lobbies.

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Warzone SBMM
(Source: Activision)

But now, a handy new resource that Warzone players have been using to track their SBMM is being shut down by Activision. And fans aren't happy about it.

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Warzone SBMM Tracking Site Shut Down By Activision Lawyers

This Warzone SBMM tracking site is reaching out to Activision for a partnership after lawyers told the users to shut down their service.

If you aren't already aware, SBMMWarzone is a site that allows Warzone players to track their SBMM in-game. Players are able to see their own stats, and compare them to that of the rest of the lobby.

You can even use the site to check the statistics of major streamers, or the player that just killed you in a recent match. But it seems that SBMMWarzone isn't long for this world.

According to the service's official Twitter, Activision is attempting to shut down the Warzone SBMM trackers. The company's lawyers are already reaching out, demanding that SBMMWarzone closes its doors to the public.

(Source: Activision)

The reasoning behind this is that Activision's Terms of Service state that a site cannot make use of its API in this way. However, new comments suggest that SBMMWarzone would prefer to partner with Activision than be shut down completely.

"Activision’s lawyers reached out and asked us to shut down," a new Tweet reads. "According to their ToS, we can’t use their API. We’ve tried to reach them multiple times to become Partners, now is our last shot. Anyone working at #Activision, please reach out"

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Could SBMMWarzone Partner With Activision?

In a series of tweets, SBMMWarzone encourages Activision to reach out and partner with the site. After all, a lot of players use the website, and it could help identify cheating players for Warzone's expanding ban list too.

According to the Activision lawyers, the site has until Monday to comply with the demands. So the site is attempting to rally fans to its cause, as well as grab the attention of someone able to make a change at Activision.

Of course, Activision has broken other Warzone tracker apps by making statistics private by default. We can't see the publisher changing its mind and suddenly incorporating SBMMWarzone after sending a Cease & Desist.

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