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Warzone SBMM Stats Website Is Back Online With a New Name

The SBMM Warzone stat tracking website has finally returned.

Skill-based matchmaking is a huge deal in Warzone. It is the system that sorts players into lobbies of similarly skilled opponents.

While some like it and others don’t, almost all players want to see how good they are in comparison to the rest of the Warzone player base. Luckily, a fan-favorite website that lets you see the difficulty of your lobby is now back.

In case you need some more info on skill-based matchmaking, here’s everything you need to know about Warzone SBMM.

Warzone Season 3

New Warzone SBMM & Stats Website

Previously, popular skill-based matchmaking tracker Warzone SBMM was shut down by Activision. This website allowed players to see the difficulty of their lobbies.

However, the SBMM Warzone website is now back under a new name – Warzone Stats. They announced it in a new tweet which says:

We’ve tried to contact Activision multiple times, even through our lawyers. They are yet to reach out. We’ve done our best to show our good faith. With the huge support from the community, we’ve decided to reopen the website.

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Warzone Season 3

How To Check Warzone SBMM – May 2021

The website works exactly the same as it used to. Although, there is a major difference with how it displays SBMM level.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t rank your lobbies any more. Instead, it just lists the average KD of the lobby.

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While this lets you compare yourself to the rest of the players in your lobby, it doesn’t show how difficult your game was in comparison to others.

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Nevertheless, it is still a very useful website to see your stats so be sure to check when you can.

Warzone Season 3 Construction

Meanwhile, a new developer is working on Warzone Season 3. How will this change the game?

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Finally, a really strange bug has been found in Warzone. Players are now leaping across rooftops using a super jump!

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