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Warzone SBMM Explained – How Does It Change Lobby Difficulty?

Find out exactly how SBMM works in Warzone, thanks to this great research by a community member.

Skill-based-matchmaking, or SBMM, is a highly controversial topic for Warzone players. It has been around ever since the game came out, but it has become an increasingly popular topic of debate for the community.

Find out what it is and how it decides which lobbies you join.

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What is SBMM in Warzone?

Skill-based-matchmaking is a system that Call of Duty uses to put players in a lobby full of players of a similar skill level. How SBMM works in Warzone has been mostly a mystery until now, but a member of the community had conducted a detailed study into the matter.

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Redditor dispassionDOTblog has posted a detailed report on how skill-based-matchmaking works in Warzone and what affects it. He can’t answer all of the SBMM secrets, however, it gives players a great insight into how it works and also how to reduce SBMM.

These pro players have been accused of reducing SBMM as they broke a kills record in a bronze level lobby.

Can You Reverse Boost in Warzone?

The SBMM research also revealed some interesting details about reverse boosting in Warzone. Firstly, the average KD of a squad doesn’t affect how difficult their lobby will be.

Instead, Warzone takes the individual kill/death ratio of every squad member to determine how strong the lobby should be. However, reverse boosting is still possible as players with a large difference in KD ratio have a much higher chance of getting placed in low-skill lobbies.

This is one of the methods that Warzone streamers use to get put in easy lobbies.

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How To Reduce Warzone SBMM

Perhaps the most interesting finding of the research is that there are certain times where SBMM in Warzone is less strong. The research shows that the strength of skill-based-matchmaking is toned down a lot from 3 AM – 7 AM local time.

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This is because there are fewer people playing at those hours of the day. On the other hand, the strictest time for Warzone SBMM is from 8 PM – 2 AM, so you can expect tougher matches then.

Make sure to check out all of dispassionDOTblog’s research and graphs on his Reddit post.


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