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Warzone SBMM Is Getting Big Changes, Reports Suggest

According to a number of reports, Warzones’ SBMM system may in fact have changed in the most recent update. Furthermore, players are reporting harder lobbies and tricks that would help to lower the difficulty of a lobby no longer working.

Warzone players have had an on-off relationship with the skill-based matchmaking system or SBMM. If you’re curious what SBMM actually is, and how it changes lobby difficulty, check out our guide here.

Warzone Best Weapons Season 3 SBMM
(Source: Activision)

Interestingly, SBMM is a highly controversial topic for many players. Unfortunately, it has also caused a ton of problems including difficult and often extremely frustrating lobbies. Although Warzone players are currently loving the new Season 3 balanced meta, SBMM still remains a huge problem.

In fact, players and streamers alike have managed to devise cunning ways to trick Warzone’s SBMM for the better. Recently, JGOD revealed how to get an easy lobby in Warzone & beat SBMM.

Warzone Verdansk '84 SBMM
(Source: Activision)

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Now, however, there are numerous reports coming in that suggest SBMM may have been changed in the latest update. Interestingly, Raven Software may have sneakily implemented some changes which have affected SBMM.

However, bear in mind that this issue is currently being investigated and as of right now there is no conclusive evidence.

Warzone SBMM May Be Undergoing Huge Changes

According to a number of new reports, Warzone’s SBMM may in fact have changed quite drastically in the latest update. The reports come from a number of credible Call of Duty sources.

Recently, Warzone Season 3 arrived with the 1.36 update, there were a number of huge changes introduced in the new update, however, players believe that SBMM changes may also have been sneakily introduced in the patch.

Warzone New Update SBMM
(Source: Activision)

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One such source, ModernWarzone has received multiple reports that SBMM has changed. Furthermore, he also reports that methods to get easier lobbies may now no longer work. Take a look at the tweet just below to see what he has to say regarding these reports:

(Source: Twitter)

Although currently there is no conclusive evidence to suggest this is the case, the frequency of these reports does seem to imply that there has been some sort of change.

Similarly, the reports come amidst other issues such as the biggest problem with Warzone’s new Verdansk ’84 map. It appears that players have quite a few complaints with the new Verdansk map.

(Source: Activision)

Furthermore, Activision has confirmed that Warzone is now investing more resources into anti-cheat. This is another issue that has plagued the game since the very beginning. Interestingly, the problem exists much in the same way that Warzone’s SBMM issues have affected players.

Currently, an investigation is taking place into Warzone’s SBMM system in Season 3. We will keep you updated regarding and developments in this story, including any discoveries.

In the meantime, we recommend checking out the best weapons in Warzone Season 3, according to JGOD. Although the lobbies could be harder at the moment, running the best guns and equipment may give you the edge you need.

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