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Warzone Roze Skin is Invisible Again, Say Players

Warzone players believe that the infamous ‘pay-to-win’ Roze skin has been changed back to be just as invisible as it used to be!

Warzone, like all Battle Royale games, is all about coming away with the win. Players are always looking for something to give them even a slight advantage over their opponents.

Unfortunately, one of those advantages comes in the form of skins which make players harder to spot in Verdansk. What makes this even worse is that some of these skins you have to buy with real money.

The most notorious Warzone skin for this is the nearly invisible, pitch-black Roze skin, but Raven eventually fixed this. Although, players have now noticed that the skin is very difficult to see once again.

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Roze Rook Skin Warzone Season 4 Nerf Fix

Has the Roze Skin in Warzone Been Buffed Again?

A few months ago, Warzone developer Raven Software finally nerfed the overpowered Roze skin. This made it way easier to see in the dark corners of the map.

Fans absolutely loved these changes as it made the game a lot fairer for players who didn’t have this skin. However, they have now spotted that Roze could be just as invisible as it ever was.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit shows what Roze looks like in Warzone once again. Unfortunately, Roze is barely visible in the Gulag.

This is bound to cause some major uproar in the Warzone community if Roze is so difficult to see again.

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roze skin warzone

What has caused this is unknown but some players believe that it has been like this since the huge Season 6 update for Warzone.

Let’s hope that Raven Software fixes this soon. However, it may not be a problem for much longer as the stunning new Caldera Warzone map looks bright and colorful.


Apart from the Roze skin, the biggest news in Warzone right now is the new map. What’s more, the upcoming Secrets of the Pacific event will reveal Caldera.

Additionally, players can find out how to get early access to the Warzone Caldera map too. This will be the first chance many players get to try out the new Battle Royale location.

Finally, players have a huge question about the new map. Can you use Modern Warfare and Cold War guns in the Warzone Caldera map?

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