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Warzone’s ‘Pay To Win’ Roze Skin Needs These 3 Changes

The Roze Skin in Warzone is totally invisible in certain areas of the map. This is how to fix it.

Warzone has plenty of operators from both Modern Warfare and Cold War. And all of those operators each have a number of skins. However, most Warzone players have all started using one skin because it gives them a competitive advantage.

The Rook skin for Roze, which players could get as part of the Season 5 Battle Pass is nearly impossible to see in dark corners of the map. This is why many players want this ‘pay to win’ skin removed. However, a change to make the skin more visible might be more practical.

Roze Rook Skin Warzone Invisible

Warzone’s Roze Skin Needs To Be Changed

In his latest video, YouTuber Xclusive Ace had an in-depth look at the Roze skin in Warzone and decided that the best way to deal with it would be to change it and make it more visible. He mentioned three changes that could make the skin way more visible, and make the game fairer.

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Roll Up Sleeves

The first change that Xclusive Ace mentions is a small one, but it could really help with visibility. He suggests that Roze’s sleeves are rolled up so that her forearms are visible.

This would give some contrast to the Rook operator skin for Roze and make it more visible for Warzone players, without changing the popular skin too much.

Players can also use this 1000 IQ tactic to make Roze skins way more visible in Warzone.

roze warzone skin head glitch

Warzone’s Roze Skin Needs To Be Brighter

Secondly, the infamous Roze skin has a harness across her chest and shoulders that is also black. Xclusive Ace suggests that they change this to another color to make her more visible in shadows.

The final, and most drastic, change the Xclusive Ace suggests to fix the overpowered Roze skin in Warzone is changing the color of her mask. This is also another great suggestion.

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However, this fan-made rendition of a change to the Rook skin for Roze in Warzone might be a step too far.

Both of these changes to the color of Roze’s uniform would make her way easier to see. Even if the color was only slightly lightened to gray, it would still make a huge difference.

Hopefully, Raven will update the Roze skin in the upcoming mid-season update. Find out when Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Reloaded launches.

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Even if the overpowered Roze skin remains the same, players will hope that the leaked new Warzone map will be much more visible.

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