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New Warzone Roze Glitch Makes Operator’s Head Invisible

There's a new glitch for Call of Duty: Warzone that makes players using the Roze skin have an invisible head.

Since it was first implemented in Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5, players have disliked the Rook skin for Roze. Given that the all-black appearance makes it near impossible to spot the Operator in some of Verdansk's darkest corners, it's not hard to see why.

After all, in the latest major Warzone tournaments, a large percentage of the pro players were using the skin. And many are calling for Roze's skin to be removed from Warzone completely.

roze warzone skin head glitch
(Source: Activision)

Thanks to the skin being exclusive to the Season 5 Battle Pass, Roze's all-black appearance is seen as being Pay-to-Win. What's more, there's no way to get your hands on it today, to even the odds.

And now, a new Roze Rook skin glitch is making the Operator's head completely invisible. As if the cosmetic wasn't broken enough already.

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Warzone: Rook Invisible Head Skin Glitch

It looks like the latest Warzone glitch to surface in-game gives Roze an invisible head in her Rook skin.

This takes the already overpowered skin to a whole new level, as there's even less of the Operator to see.

Right now, it appears as though Roze's head becomes completely invisible when using the game's Heartbeat Sensor. We're unsure as to whether or not the player's head is intangible during this time - but we imagine that Roze can still be shot.

Roze Rook Skin Warzone Head Invisible Glitch
(Source: Activision)

But with so many players in Warzone running the Rook skin and Heartbeat Sensor, that's a large number of users with invisible heads in-game.

Thankfully, there's a clever new way to counter the broken Roze skin in Warzone!

Hopefully, this is one issue that won't take Raven Software too long to fix. After all, it's not as bad as the Warzone skin that makes players completely invisible in-game.

Lately, we've even seen a frustrating new Warzone glitch that turns players invisible for the duration of the game. If these bugs keep it up, there'll be nothing left to see in the battle royale soon.

Black Ops Cold War players are also experiencing this issue, with the new Samantha Maxis skin making players invisible in Multiplayer.

Recently, 4 Warzone pros smashed the game's kill record in a Bronze 1 lobby. We'll leave you to guess what skins they were wearing...

(Source: Twitter)

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