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Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Kernel-Level Driver Files Allegedly Leaked To Cheat Manufacturers

Only yesterday, Call of Duty announced its new RICOCHET Anti-Cheat system, and now it appears it has already been severely compromised.

Unfortunately for many, the popular Battle Royale Warzone has been plagued by hackers and cheaters throughout most of its life span.

However, yesterday’s Call of Duty announcement officially revealed the new Anti-Cheat, RICOCHET. With this, many players remain hopeful that Warzone’s persistent problem will, at last, be quashed.

After such a long wait, Warzone players were relieved to hear that the game would finally be getting a reliable Anti-Cheat.

And with Warzone currently in the midst of a severe hacking problem in Season 6, this news couldn’t have come at a better time.

Or could it? Now, according to verified information from a credible source, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat may already have been beaten and leaked to cheat manufacturers.

Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Season 6
(Source: Activision)

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Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Allegedly Leaked To Cheat Manufacturers

If you were looking forward to new Anti-Cheat measures in Warzone, prepare for the worst! As a new claim seems to suggest the Anti-Cheat is already compromised.

In the latest tweets from ModernWarzone, there are claims that Call of Duty’s new RICOCHET Anti-Cheat has had its kernel Level Driver files leaked to cheat manufacturers.

For those that may not be clued in on the lingo, Kernal Level Driver refers to an Anti-Cheat software that runs during a computer’s startup.

For example, games such as Valorant also use this kind of Anti-Cheat system with their Riot Vanguard Anti-Cheat.

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Warzone Ricochet Anti-Cheat Cronus XIM
(Source: Activision)

Consequently, this is supposed to make cheat detection a breeze, monitoring the way your system interacts with other applications.

However, presently it appears that these Kernel Level Driver files may have been spread from private groups into public cheat forums…

Whilst this doesn’t mean that RICOCHET is finished, it is rather concerning considering Activision unveiled the Anti-Cheat only yesterday.

Despite these concerns, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat has not been officially released yet, and according to the source, cheat providers can only exploit the current version of the leaked driver.

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Also, it’s very important to remember that this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, although MWZ sources have allegedly provided substantial evidence.

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(Source: Twitter)

Worryingly, Warzone hackers can even make custom Operator skins with a new cheat. And if that wasn’t enough, a cheat software can even unlock all Camos, Attachments & Blueprints instantly.

It’s clear that an Anti-Cheat is a necessity at this point. And, the question as to whether Warzone Hacker Ban Waves even work has been raised countless times.

Finally, even console players aren’t safe, with some hackers being able to figure out how to cheat on consoles too.

We will keep you updated with regards to the current state of Warzone’s RICOCHET Anti-Cheat system.

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