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Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Removes 90,000 More Accounts in Ban Wave

Call of Duty is dropping another ban hammer, with 90,000 more accounts removed in a Warzone & Vanguard RICOCHET ban wave.

Cheaters beware, Activision has your number. That said, the publisher is often a little slow when it comes to getting rid of malicious accounts.

Thankfully, it’s time for another RICOCHET ban wave across the Call of Duty franchise.

Recently, RICOCHET has been making Warzone cheaters’ lives hell by hitting them with reduced damage in-game. If the software detects players using malicious software to cheat in the battle royale, it makes sure they aren’t able to deal any damage.


On top of that, Activision is taking down several major Warzone cheat providers, ensuring that they aren’t able to sell their hacks to players.

But what’s most effective at stopping cheating is a Warzone ban wave, and this most recent one by RICOCHET just took down 90,000 accounts.

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Warzone Ban Wave Removes 90,000 Cheaters From Caldera

In the latest Call of Duty ban wave, Activision claims to have removed 90,000 accounts from its games in a single week.

With a game like Call of Duty Warzone, it’s fair to say that banning a user is often little more than an inconvenience. After all, many cheaters will simply make a new free account to begin their cheating anew.

However, in the past we’ve seen Warzone seemingly dropping hardware bans, making it much harder for cheaters to rejoin the action.

It’s unclear as to whether the more recent bans are hardware or otherwise, but what we do know is that Activision is keeping on top of cheaters where possible.

But some users are not happy with the recent development.

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Warzone Ban Wave Removing Innocent Players?

Several replies to Call of Duty’s triumphant Twitter post seem less than impressed with the ban wave.

It seems that more than a few players believe they’ve been unjustly banned from Warzone in the latest ban wave.

What’s more, players are still reporting a lot of cheaters present in the Battle Royale, even after the bans. It seems there are plenty more cheaters out there that are currently getting away with using hacks.

All this makes us wonder whether or not cheaters will be able to run so rampant in Warzone 2. In case you missed it, here’s everything we know about Warzone 2 so far!

Right now, a new map, new mechanics, and 2 years of just Modern Warfare 2 weapons sounds like a recipe for success. But if RICOCHET doesn’t start banning users for cheating more regularly, the game could suffer from the same issue as its predecessor.

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Sunday 27th of March 2022

that's alright. all I gotta do it get a new account. here's an idea actual focus on stopping us from hacking instead of just milking us for money, private servers would be nice. and not doing anything about it. there's a decent reason why I started hacking in this games 4 5 years in playing this shit game. it's not fun anymore. when I bought into your scam. and yall don't do Shit to fix. fuck you. I'm glad I started hacking. yall don't deserve your player count. can't wait to pop more heads.