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Warzone Player Gets Revenge on a Squad of Aimbotters

As encountering Warzone cheaters appears to be getting increasingly frequent, one player manages to get revenge on a squad of aimbotters.

Warzone cheaters are currently more common than ever before, and battle royale fans aren’t happy about it. One of the most easy-to-spot cheats is the aimbot, a powerful tool that will lock your aim to an enemy’s head.

Using this cheat gives hackers the easiest win of their lives, even allowing them to delete enemies at incredible distances. And coming up against one is a sure-fire way to end up with a quick trip to the Gulag.

Warzone Wallhacks and Aimbotters
(Source: Activision)

In this new clip, Reddit user Hillyfear and his squad came up against an enemy team who appear to all be using aimbots. Despite being downed, the Warzone player takes revenge on the aimbotters in the best way possible.

It seems that Warzone hackers really are getting worse lately. In fact, things are getting so bad that some Warzone streamers are bragging about using cheats, live on Twitch.

Warzone Aimbotters Lose the Game Despite Cheating

These Warzone aimbotters were busy destroying the lobby in Verdansk when they encountered Hillyfear’s team. And despite the Warzone players cheating hard, this encounter would lose the aimbotters the game.

Heading towards their Bounty target, Hillyfear’s Warzone squad noticed some insane aim from the enemy players. The slightest peek over cover would result in a bullet or two coming their way.

According to a comment on the Reddit post, the top player on the enemy squad had a 14 K/D – a certain sign of a cheating player. The other team members had a 13, 9, and 4 K/D respectively.

Warzone Ghost Operator
(Source: Activision)

Considering that the top 1% of Warzone players tend to have around a 4 K/D, coming up against this team is a death sentence.

With little chance at beating a squad of aimbotters, the Warzone player went for a Hail Mary play. Taking out their Precisions Airstrike and marking the road ahead, they likely only thought they’d slow down the enemy players.

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But cheaters don’t tend to be too careful, and the aimbotters drove directly into the line of fire in their eagerness to secure the kill.

Even despite being downed, Hillyfear watches as the enemy vehicle explodes before their eyes. And not only do they get a team wipe for their efforts, but they complete their Bounty Contract too.

Aimbotters in the game are becoming so common that even Warzone tournaments are getting cheating accussations.

This has lead to Dr Disrespect criticizing Activision over its lack of anti-cheat software. It certainly doesn’t help matters that aimbotters and other cheaters tend to also use Warzone’s most Pay to Win Operator skin.

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