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Warzone Reveals New Official 1980s Verdansk Map Images on Teaser Site

Warzone’s new 1980s Verdansk map is right around the corner, and now we have some official images to confirm it.

After over a year of waiting, Warzone’s second major map is finally almost here. After last night’s earth-shattering Nuke event in Warzone, Verdansk as we know it is gone for good.

However, a new Verdansk 1980s map is preparing to rise from the ashes in its place. And now we finally have an idea of how these major POIs are going to look when it does.

the destruction of verdansk
(Source: Activision)

Yesterday, a new leak revealed that this classic Black Ops map is coming to Verdansk! And now, more new images are appearing, courtesy of Warzone’s new teaser site.

After sending teasers out to Call of Duty influencers, Activision revealed its new site And with a series of new codes found by the community, we can get a look at what’s to come in 1980s Verdansk.

See what’s new in Warzone Season 3’s full patch notes here!

All New Warzone Verdansk 1980s Map Images

When typing in the following codes on the site above, players are rewarded with new images of Verdansk’s 1980s map:

  • SEED
  • AIR
  • HEAL

In case you missed it, here’s everything that went down in The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1!

As for what you unlock, here are all the new images of 1980s Verdansk in Warzone:


superstore 1980s verdansk Warzone


farmland 1980s verdansk Warzone


airport 1980s verdansk Warzone




array 1980s verdansk Warzone




hospital 1980s verdansk Warzone

Red Door Locked

red door locked 1980s verdansk Warzone

Black Knight

Black Knight 1980s verdansk Warzone


wraith 1980s verdansk Warzone

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But after Warzone’s recent meta was the worst one yet, we’re excited to see how Season 3 changes up the game.

And things aren’t over just yet. After all, we still have the final part of the event to look forward to tonight. Here’s how you can take part in Warzone’s Nuke event for yourself!

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