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Warzone Resurgence Trios Returns in Playlist Update

Finally Warzone players will get the chance to drop into Rebirth Island for Resurgence Trios again.

Resurgence Trios had previously been taken out of the game in favor of Mini Royale Quads on Rebirth Island.

Many fans were upset at this playlist change. Players really enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay and respawns of Resurgence Trios and were disappointed to see it replaced with Mini Royale.

Warzone Resurgence Trios is a Battle Royale game mode for teams of three. What sets it apart from regular Battle Royale is that players can respawn if one of their teammates is still alive for 30 seconds.

Various actions like completing contracts and eliminating enemies reduces the respawn timer too. So there’s an exciting risk vs reward factor in Resurgence compared to the other Warzone modes.

Resurgence Trios also allows players to level up their Warzone guns quicker. Loadout drops are only $7500, there are more gunfights and players can be aggressive knowing they can potentially respawn for free.

It’s also more difficult to find three friends to hop into a game instead of two. And we all know Warzone is way more fun with friends.

Rebirth Island Resurgence Trios

When is the Resurgence Trios Playlist Update?

Alongside Resurgence Trios, Mini Royale Duos is also coming to Warzone. This will see teams of two drop into a small circle for some fast-paced Warzone games.

Plunder Quads will rotate in as part of the playlist update. An often overlooked game mode, players should drop in as it is a great way to level up guns quickly.

Leaving the Warzone playlist rotation is Blood Money Trios, and Rebirth Island’s Mini Royale Quads mode.

The new playlist update goes live tomorrow (Jan 7). Players can get their Warzone teammates ready for Resurgence Trios then.

Raven Software Twitter

Raven has also just announced that there will be a huge new balancing patch to fix some of the game’s most overpowered guns. This is great news for fans who think the current Warzone meta is really boring.

If you’re thinking of jumping into Resurgence Trios, make sure to use the best guns for Rebirth Island.

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