Raven Software has announced a huge update to Call of Duty Warzone, including alterations to the cost of Loadout Drop Markers.

Despite its Battle Royale roots, Warzone still allows players to create their own unique loadout to use in combat.

However, players can’t access these from the outset. Instead, they must collect one of the free Loadout Drops or purchase a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station.

Many felt that the cost to purchase their loadouts, $10,000, was too high, especially later on in games. Luckily, Raven Software has now dropped the cost significantly as a response to player feedback.

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What Changes Were Made to Loadout Costs in Warzone?

Raven Software – one of the developers of Call of Duty Warzone – has reduced the cost of Loadout Drop Markers in the game in response to negative player feedback.

Ghost from Call of Duty Warzone standing next to a loadout drop while red smoke billows into the air

After altering the price in the Terminator-themed game mode Titanium Trials, players felt that the cost of Loadout Drop Markers should be dropped in other game modes too.

This will mean that anyone purchasing a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station will pay significantly less for it, depending on what circle it is.

Raven Software had the following to say in the Warzone Season 5 Mid-Season patch notes:

Thanks to a recent community poll where you voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Loadout Cost Reduction in Titanium Trials, we are happy to bring this change to Battle Royale to give better mid-to-late game regain opportunities.” 

Raven Software

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How Much Do Loadout Drop Markers Cost in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded?

Loadout Drop Markers in Warzone will now cost $500 less per circle. The prices per circle are as follows:

  • Circle 1 – $10,000
  • Circle 2 – $9,500
  • Circle 3 – $9,000
  • Circle 4 – $8,500
  • Circle 5 – $8,000
  • Circle 6 – $7,500
  • Circle 7 – $7,000

These prices will also continue to drop with further circles, but by that point in the game, you probably won’t even have enough time to call a Loadout Drop in safely!

This change is set to make a huge difference to Warzone. Buying loadouts will become much easier for players who are struggling for cash or who have just come back from the Gulag.

In other news, it looks like Loadout Drops won’t be returning in Warzone 2.0. This proposed change hasn’t gone down well with fans.

Although, rumors suggest that Infinity Ward is making some huge changes to Warzone 2.0 already. This could include Loadout Drops coming back!

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