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Warzone Redacted Weapons Explained – Iron Trials

Warzone’s Iron Trials game mode is here, and it brings with it some [Redacted] weapons. Here’s why you need to get your hands on them.

If you’re a hardcore Warzone player, Iron Trials is the game mode for you. Giving players more health, fewer resources, an overhauled loot system, and more, the game mode caters to fans in an all-new way.

Check out the Warzone Iron Trials game mode here!

Interestingly, new leaks suggest that Iron Trials is Activision testing the waters for its upcoming Warzone Ranked game mode too!

Iron Trials Game Mode Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Unfortunately, Warzone cheaters are worse than ever right now, in all game modes. And hackers are already present in the Vanguard Beta too!

But with Warzone lag, high ping, and connection issues ruining games right now, we’ve got more to worry about than just cheaters.

What Are Warzone [Redacted] Guns?

If you’re wondering about the new Redacted guns in Warzone’s Iron Trials mode, we’ve got the explanation for you.

As Call of Duty players will know, Warzone tends to only allow players to add 5 attachments to their loadouts. Unlike in standard Multiplayer game modes, there’s no way to further kit out your weapon in the Battle Royale.

Or at least, that was true until now.

When dropping into Iron Trials ’84, players are discovering some rather interesting floor loot in-game. These ‘Redacted’ Warzone guns appear with a red name and play a little riff when picked up.

But what’s great about these Redacted weapons is that they have the maximum amount of attachments on them, for the first time ever in Warzone.

That means that you will finally be able to wield a Stoner with all 8 attachments and have an advantage over even those players who have their loadouts.

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Warzone Redacted Weapon Explained
(Source: TheTacticalBrit)

Perhaps Raven Software is trialing increasing the attachment limit for Warzone, alongside the Vanguard integration. After all, Vanguard has an insane amount of Gunsmith options, and it’d be nice to see the meta evolve if a few of them appeared in the Battle Royale.

Recently we got new leaks about the Warzone Pacific map reveal event, and we can’t wait to see it in-game. However, the upcoming WW2 Pacific map could already have some major problems!

And it looks like Warzone Season 6 will feature a familiar face and a huge betrayal

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