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Warzone Red Doors Show Caldera Pacific Map Teasers

If you can’t wait to see more information about the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera, then you’ll want to be heading through as many Red Doors as possible.

In case, you missed it, Warzone is getting a brand new map, and it will be taking players to a tropical new location – the Pacific.

Activision has already revealed the first images of Warzone’s Caldera map. However, players are eager to see more.

Luckily, the latest Warzone update has introduced an interesting way to get some more glimpses of the new Caldera map. It involves the mysterious Red Doors.

But first, make sure to check out the full Warzone Caldera map and major POIs.

Warzone Pacific Map

How to See Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Teasers Using Red Doors

The release date for Warzone’s new Pacific map is less than a month away now, yet players still don’t know much about this exciting new location.

Luckily, players will be able to find out a lot more about Caldera over the next few weeks, starting now. This is because the latest Warzone update added a new feature for the mysterious Red Doors across Verdansk.

Now, when traveling through one of the Red Doors, there is a chance you will be shown a few seconds of footage from the upcoming Pacific map.

There seem to be three different teasers – one shows a tropical forest, the next shows a trench system, and the final teaser shows some kind of ruins in the jungle.

However, if you still want more than these small glimpses, then you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The upcoming ‘Secrets of the Pacific’ Warzone event will reveal a load more about Caldera.

Make sure to check out the Red Doors next time you drop into Verdansk. If you’re lucky, you might get a teaser for the new Pacific Warzone map!

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In other news, players have a big question about Caldera. Can you use Cold War and Modern Warfare guns in the Warzone Pacific map?

Also, players have noticed more hackers in cheaters in Warzone recently. Luckily there is the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system coming to Warzone soon.

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