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Warzone To Get New ‘Red Door’ Fast Travel System, Says Survey

It looks like Warzone players will be able to fast travel across the map using ‘Red Doors’.

Fast travel isn’t anything new to Verdansk. After all, players could take a ride on the Verdansk subway for a few Seasons.

However, players rarely used the Verdansk Subway. Then, it didn’t make the cut for the new Verdansk ’84 map, after closing its doors in the zombie invasion of Verdansk.

Good news for players who like to get around the map as fast as possible though, a new survey suggests that Warzone’s new Verdansk ’84 map will get a new fast travel system.

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Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Underground Subway Network

New Warzone Fast Travel System Leaked

A new survey from Activision asking Warzone players about their experience with the new Verdansk ’84 map brought up a feature that isn’t in the game yet. Players were given five options to answer the question ‘what aspects of the updated map did you most enjoy’.

Two of the options were all of the new POIs in the map as well as all of the updates to pre-existing map locations. While players could also select ‘quality of life improvements’ or the new lighting system.

This is despite players thinking that the lighting is Verdansk ’84’s biggest problem.

However, there is also one option that players have not been able to experience yet. One of the answers to the survey question is ‘The Red Door (new fast travel system)’.

Warzone Season 3

Red Doors Fast Travel Coming To Warzone?

This survey question indicates Warzone could, in fact, be getting a new fast travel system. Black Ops Cold War players will recognize these red doors from the campaign, but there is no information on how they will work in Warzone yet.

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We can assume that there will be a number of them around the map that players can walk through to emerge from another red door. However, this new fast travel system in Warzone has not been confirmed yet and could just be a purposely false answer designed to filter out the surveys of people who pick it

Would you like to see a new fast travel system come to Warzone?

Warzone Season 3

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