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Warzone Duos Record Smashed by 14-year-old and his Dad

A father-and-son team has smashed the Warzone Duos Record with a grand total of 79 kills.

Getting a Warzone kills record is extremely impressive for anyone, let alone a 14-year-old. He even carried his teammate, who just so happened to be his dad!

Teenage Twitch streamer Bruno ‘Nistaf’ Silva He completely carried his team to the record with 61 kills on his own.

His dad. BabaYuki, was no slouch either. Although 18 kills in Warzone Duos isn’t going to beat any records without an extremely good teammate.

Previously the record was held by Twitch Streamers ItsDerekMay and LIAM, who got 38 kills each for a total of 76. Another Warzone kills record was recently broken by HusKerrs for Solo in Duos.

warzone duos kills record

How did they Break the Warzone Duos Record?

Players who want to get a Warzone Duos record need to play extremely aggressively and usually have to have a perfect game. However, Nistaf proved this completely wrong by carrying his team to the record.

Nistaf used the meta loadout of a DMR-14 and the Dual Wield Diamatti pistols. It’s no wonder considering how overpowered they are – the guns are being nerfed soon in a huge new balancing patch.

Using those guns, Nistaf then raced around the map using advanced UAVs and a car to track down enemies. His gun skill allowed him to take on teams of two on his own to maximise the number of kills and secure the Warzone Duos Record.

Nistaf YouTube

The next question is what’s next for Nistaf. Despite his insane skill, it might be a while before you see him competing in tournaments. This is because many Call of Duty tournaments require players to be over 18 to compete.

Warzone is in a bad state at the moment. YouTuber JackFrags has made a list of everything wrong with Warzone at the moment.

Some streamers have also been cheating by manipulating Warzone’s SBMM. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

If going for the next Warzone Duos Record isn’t for you, there has also been a new playlist update in the game. A fan-favorite mode is finally returning to Warzone.

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