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Warzone Rebirth Island vs Blackout Alcatraz Comparison

Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island is a lot like Blackout's Alcatraz. We'll go through and compare what's new, what's changed and new weapons.

Rebirth Island is a new game centered on the success of an old favorite.

The new frontier in Call Of Duty is an old favorite. Season 1 of Call of Duty Warzone begins anew with the introduction of the second big-game map to finally hit the mega-shooter and super popular blockbuster titled "Rebirth Island."

Fans may recognize some features as the new map is a newly compiled rendition of Call of Duty Blackops 4 Alcatraz.

The black ops blackout smash hit featuring newly remodeled distinct areas for modern combat.

Warzone Rebirth Island Marketing
(Source: Treyarch)

Other distinct areas around Call of Duty Rebirth Island are old fan favorites to those who recognize the map from the old Zombies hit "Mob of the Dead".

Fans will be hit with even more familiar sights as they adventure around the infamous prison island.  The map first was published in April 2019 in which it appeared in Black Ops 4.

The distinct lore of classic "Black Ops" can be felt in the ongoing CIA thriller newly expressed by Season 1 of Cold War's Warzone.

Although both the original battle royale map and the new addition can be accessed from anything running Call of Duty with Warzone installed.

Rebirth Island vs Alcatraz Map Comparison

Rebirth Island vs Alcatraz Map Comparison

The maps from Warzone Rebirth Island and Black Ops Blackout Alcatraz are very similar. However there are a few clear changes in locations and features.

Rebirth Island Map Differences

  • Shipwreck has been replaced with a brand new "Security Area".
  • Submarine location removed.
  • Subtle differences to design and experience.
  • Buy stations and vehicles now on Rebirth Island.
  • Certain locations have been reimagined slightly.

Rebirth Island Gameplay / Engine

The new addition of Rebirth Island in Warzone is based on the latest improvements in the IW 8.0 game engine, specifically designed for the modern platform.

The mechanics and shooting are exactly as you would expect to see on a normal Warzone game. The difference being, Black Ops Cold War weapons being available to pick up or use in load outs.

Dropping in Warzone Rebirth Island
(Source: Treyarch)

Fans will rejoice in using old Cold War era guns in a more modern state-of-war out on an island where few return... Or perhaps many do, in a state-of-rebirth.

Read on for more great developments like when does season 2 of the new Warzone start? or a leak for a new Cold War Zombies map.

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